Anchor and Braille: Quiet Life

Anchor & Braille members, Stephen Christian and Micah Tawlks, started the collaboration by using many songs unreleased from Anberlin, offering more personal tracks, than Anberlin’s delivery. Quiet Life is their second production of their works.

Released July 31, 2012

Record label: Tooth and Nail

NECR Review:

Anchor and Braille leads with drum beats, to open up a collection of techno-fusion songs called, Quiet Life. Smooth rhythms carry the weight of any day, with breath-y vocals and floating sound forms. Fresh and innovative, it is as cool as winter, with vocals and effects, as sharp as ice. Sleek. Reminiscent of 80’s pop-punk forms, the album will bring you back to brighter takes on music interpretations. Hopeful explorations lead winding journeys that unfold, step by step. Mid-bridge “In The New” had a glimpse of The Cure to hear, but updated with drums, as contemporary as Peter Bjorn and John.  “Find Me,” explains the quiet hero, ambivalent about whether peace of mind will find him, and so he keeps moving. “Hymn For Her” casts a veil of piano over high note ballad vocals, so soft and  perfectly timed, that it is chilling. “Dreaming face to face” the song becomes almost a duet to the love of his life that he has yet to meet. The arrangement of this track is simply passionate. “Everybody Here” had tones of George Michael and Paolo Nutini, again, Anchor and Braille, blending past and contemporary artists into their own sound. The record closes with the quiet, “Before I Start Dreaming,” airy and temporate, taking the pulse of anyone in the room. Beautiful instrumentations have you following the ripples of sound like water. Let this album wash over you and change your experience, even if it is ~ just a moment.

Track List:

Goes Without Saying

Knew Then Know Now

Find Me

In With The New

If Not Now When



Hymn For Her

Everybody Here

Before I Start Dreaming


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  1. hello, very good post.

  2. What a great album!

  3. In listening to an advance copy of the release, it sounded like a perfect marriage between the large sounds of Anberlin and something smoother and softer like the feel of City and Colour.

  4. Loving it!!!

  5. I love this and cant waint to hear the full disk!

  6. Great tunes here I love it!

  7. Check this out! It is a great disk!

  8. I like your website very much. This is a great album.

  9. Love their work!

  10. Sweet the pics look amazing!

  11. This is Awesome! Thank you so much.

  12. It undoubtedly a great album I liked it!




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