FOZZY-Sin and Bones


Album: Sin and Bones

Relase date:  August 14

Members:  Chris Jericho – Vocals

                 Rich Ward – Guitar

                 Frank Fontsere – Drums

                 Paul DiLeo – Bass

                 Billy Grey – Guitar


Review By: Micah Gummel

When I remember watching Chris Jericho wrestle in ECW, WCW, and WWE I I never thought I would see him playing in a band!  This is now the 5th album of Fozzy and ROCKS!. After great releases like “All That Remains” and “Chasing The Grail”, they have created yet another one hell of an album.

Chris Jericho’s vocals on power tracks like “Spider In My Mouth” and “Blood Happens” are just as accompanying to the band as his vocals on the more melodic songs like “Inside My Head” and “A Passed Life”.  He brings power, emotion, clarity, and keeps everything on key.  The single “Sandpaper” is a good example of what Jericho can do on the mic. 

Behind him Jericho has a band that features Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo and touring member with Adrenaline Mob) on guitar leading the charge creating heavy riffs and forming a musical sound that has elements of Randy Rhodes, Tony Iommi and Zakk Wylde all mixed together.  With Frank Fontsere on drums, Paul

DiLeo on bass, and Billy Grey on guitar, the band shreds on tracks like “Dark Passenger”, a tune with heavy riffs, power chords, and soloing that will melt the mind. 

I have been following Fozzy for a long time now. I have always loved their work. Thus, I had great expectations for this album and Fozzy even managed to exceed my expectations. To me, this one of the best metal albums of this decade. They really proved the critics who thought is was just an average band founded by a professional wrestler and a rap metal guitarist. “Inside My Head” and “A Passed Life” are the best songs in my opinion. But I loved “Spider In My Mouth”, “Shine Forever”, “Blood Happens” too. They’re probably isn’t a bad song in this album, but “Storm The Beaches”, “Dark Passenger” is probably the weaker songs in there. But, overall I loved it and I really hope Fozzy gets the success they greatly desire.

This is probably the most musically complete and after listening all the songs, you could see how they have matured, in terms of creating songs. If you’re a fan of the 80’s heavy metal and hard rock bands (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard) you’ll definitely love it. Chris Jericho recently stated that he wanted this album to be their “Black Album“. I really hope that they find commercial success with this ’cause they really deserve it and after hearing this album, I will say that they’re one of the best metal bands out there right now

“Sin and Bones” track listing:

1. Spider In My Mouth (4:47)
2. Sandpaper (3:12)
3. Blood Happens (4:07)
4. Inside My Head (4:02)
5. Sin And Bones (3:36)
6. A Passed Life (6:55)
7. She’s My Addiction (3:22)
8. Shine Forever (5:45)
9. Dark Passenger (4:23)
10. Storm The Beaches (11:34)


11 Responses to "FOZZY-Sin and Bones"

  1. I just saw them in NY they ROCKED! it was such a killer show. Anyway back to the new release its awesome. My advice go get this disk it rules!!!!!

    • What a great day. I Jerico keep it up they are a great band!

  2. Killer disk! I loved song number 2..

  3. What a album it all good!


  4. Jeraco Rocks!

  5. This was a fun show great coverage here!

  6. Hey great coverage this was a good show…. truly grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you!

  7. FOZZY-Sin and Bones Rocks!

  8. Pretty sweet photos great work!

  9. The show was dark but it was great.

  10. Fozzy Rocks great work! I love this site and am looking FWD to more…..




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