ROB ZOMBIE: Mondo Sex Head

Photos Courtesy of Rob Zombie’s Press Team
Whether he’s making music or movies, Mr. Rob Zombie has never shied away from the fact that he borrows heavily from the arts that have inspired his own creativity. From his own primeval take on the Halloween, to the KMFDM Remixes, 1996′s Supersexy Swingin’Sounds, and 1999’s American Made Music to Strip By, that let numerous DJs, bands and electronica acts give their own take on his solo work and White Zombie catalogue, reinvention is something Zombie has celebrated for most of his career.
Now with Mondo Sex Head, Zombie is no stranger to remix albums. As it is industrial metal music, it  lends itself quite nicely to remixes because it already has a very techno beat to most of the songs and is churning very consistent riffs. Mondo Sex Head, combines some White Zombie tracks with some solo songs on this new 18-track monster of a remix album.
The first track “Thunderkiss ’65″, crafted by JDevil’s (Jonathan Davis of Korn’s DJ name) It’s very spastic and in your face with what I am I’m pretty sure he’s chanting “666″ mixed with electro beats and a synth intro. The following remix of “Living Dead Girl,” removed almost any traces of the former metal sound and replaced it with mesmerizingly repetitive downtempo drum and bass beats. DJ Document One then picks up the pace and adds a dubstep twist to “Let It All Bleed Out.”  Indie rock producer Ki:Theory even found a way to make “Foxy, Foxy” sound marketable and catchy. The tribal percussion that film composer Griffin Boice added to“Mars Needs Women,” makes this song perfect.
All in all, this album was a great remix for me. My favorites are more on the heavy side, but the “Living Dead Girl” remix (Living Dead Girl is my favorite Zombie song and one of my favorites on this album) isn’t very bass heavy and has a real House effect to it. I really like the Jungle vibe on the “Superbeast” remix and the remix of Dragula was simply well done.
TRACKLISTING: 1. White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ‘65 (JDevil Number Of The Beast Remix) 2. Living Dead Girl (Photek Remix) 3. Let It All Bleed Out (Document One Remix) 4. Foxy Foxy – (Ki:Theory Remix) 5. White Zombie – More Human Than Human (Big Black Delta Remix) 6. Dragula (††† Remix) 7. Pussy Liquor (Ki:Theory Remix) 8. Lords of Salem (Das Kaptial) 9. Never Gonna Stop (Drumcorps Acid Remix) 10. Superbeast (Kraddy Remix) 11. Devil’s Hole Girls (Tobias Enhus Remix ft The Jane Cornish String Quartet) 12. Burn (The Bloody Beetroots Motherfucker Remix) 13. Mars Needs Women (Griffin Boice Remix)


19 Responses to "ROB ZOMBIE: Mondo Sex Head"

  1. Zombe Rocks I love the mix!

    • Cant wait till the Zombi comes to NH!

  2. Kick Ass!

    • Honestly, it’s aiiight. Not bad but doesn’t do much for me. Besides it’s more of a mix/blend than a boidanfe remix. Semantics I guess. On a positive note, the OG instrumental “Ahzz – New York Movin” was a nice choice.

  3. The mixing is Dope I love DJ’s work!

  4. I saw this posed on FB had to click it I kinda like this disk but I want some NEW Zombie. This disk was not bad the mixing was killer its a good twist of old skool and new.

    • Rob killed this I love it! we are so looking FWD to your coverage of the Twins of Evil when they hit NH!!!!

  5. One word.. Great! Two words.. Very awesome! Three words.. I love it!

  6. I love your site~~your blog~~with so many beautiful and amazing pictures in your page~~~I am loving this CD I hope you all are covering the Show at the Verizon its going to be great!

  7. Zombie Rocks! quite great article.

  8. Zombie kills it!

  9. Geat album J devil kicks it!

  10. stupendous review

  11. this is great!

  12. This disk is killer!

  13. This album rocks!

  14. Nice 🙂

  15. wonderful post, thank you.

  16. WOW!!! Nice Post!Great album I love the Dub Step!!!




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