Dave Grohl has delivered his SXSW keynote address.

Dave Grohl has delivered his SXSW keynote address in Austin, Texas, telling the story of how he went from living with female mudwrestlers to joining Nirvana.

Grohl said he was living in Los Angeles ‘crashed out with a bunch of female mudwrestlers’.’That’s when I heard those five words that changed my life forever. ‘Have you heard of Nirvana’, he said. ‘Nirvana were one of us. Raised on Creedence and Flipper and Beatles and Black Flag. They seemed to share the same ideals. But they had something more. They had songs. They had Kurt. But what they didn’t have was a drummer’. That was when he flew up to Seattle and history began.

 Grohl said he was chosen as this year’s keynote speaker because he is proof that ‘the musician comes first. Am I the best drummer in the world? Certainly not. Am I the best singer/songwriter? Not even in this (expletive) room. But I have been left alone to find my voice,’ he told the crowd. Check out the Video and see the entire one Dave Grohl SXSW keynote speech!

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