Mike Toomey – Talent and Dedication Open Doors To A Life Long Aspiration-These Things Happen



One of the things I most admire in an artist is diversity. As music is a reflection of self- expression, I like to see the many facets of an artist. Let’s face it-good composition and lyrics can cast a mood and evoke emotions more than anything else.

So I’ve spent this past week listening to the musical talents of Mike Toomey. This multi-instrumentalist certainly has lots to offer. Great composition, harmony, and the talent to conjure a certain ambiance. Mike started playing at the age of 7 when his father bought him his first keyboard. That was 13 years ago and Mike has been a very busy man in the interim. This classically trained pianist, accomplished guitar player, and talented singer-songwriter has emerged with a sound all his own.

Over the course of this past week, I listened to “Summer Days” multiple times. The song has a country/folk quintessence with lyrics that are honest and straightforward. The lulling strum of his guitar accompanies this tune in perfect accord. The “less is more” concept at its finest. “Can I sing you to sleep under the stars in the big night sky”…..This song reminds me that innocence and candor is alive and well.

“These Things Happen” showed me a completely different side to this artist. An energetic beat and catchy lyrics that take it up a few notches. This particular track captured a certain essence that I couldn’t quite put my finger on at first. The alternative/pop leitmotif was reminiscent of some old favorites from the 80’s. Then it struck me-and I emailed Mike the link to “All I Want” by “Toad the Wet Sprocket”. What an incredible cover that would be! A little to my surprise, he told me he had heard the song and was contemplating some cover songs in the future. Till then, I’ll be anxiously waiting…..





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