Photos by:  Micah Gummel
Review by: Cheryl
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Charm City Devils, Candlebox, and Hinder shook the stage at the Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on September 21st to a standing room only crowd-and they were not disappointed. Those in attendance were indulged in a rock solid show by three distinct bands.

Opening the show were Charm City Devils-hard rockers from Baltimore, Maryland. The band was founded by singer/song writer and former Child’s Playand SR-71 drummer John Allen and includes bassist Anthony Arambula, drummer Jason Heiser, and guitarists Victor Karrera and Nick Kay ; also of Child’s Play. The band played some tracks off the debut album, “Let’s Rock-N-Roll” and segued into some favorites from their most recent album, “Sins”-most notably would be their cover of the blue-grass classic “Man of Constant Sorrow”.

Candlebox seemed to draw a crowd all its own. I found myself sitting in close proximity to several people who ventured out to the Casino Ballroom for the sole purpose of seeing the band perform again. Kevin Martin, Peter Klett, Scott Mercado, Sean Hennesy, and Adam Kury comprise this group of very talented artists. While the band is predominantly hard rock-and categorized as such, their varied influences to blues, jazz, even metal-tend to surface and the end result is extraordinary. The band performed a solid set with the perfect mix of differentiation in song selection keeping their audience completely captivated.

With a slightly larger repertoire, Hinder took center stage and highlighted the night’s festivities with their high energy performance and intricate light show. Very well put together; the abstract lighting was in perfect sync with every chord. Saving Abel’s front man Jared Weeks stepped in for the absence of Austin Winkler. Weeks filled in perfectly with Joe Garvey, Cody Hanson, Mark King, and Mike Rodden they definitely sent the crowd into a tempest. The band performed favorites from “All American Nightmare” and their latest compilation-“Welcome to the Freakshow”.

The amalgamation of these three bands performing together turned the night into a commotion of Rock. While all three are considered hard rock by genre classification, they each possess their own unique variances that offer the perfect amount of diversity. The end result was a large audience that walked away completely transfixed….

Charm City Devils






10 Responses to "CHARM CITY DEVILS,CANDLEBOX,HINDER at The Casino Ballroom"

  1. Charm City Devils, rocked the house Great photos killer site glad I found it. Great show at Hampton!!!!!

  2. Great concert. Candlebox is awesome and fun!

  3. CCD Kicked Ass love them guys!

  4. This was my first time to see Candlebox live in concert! I was looking forward to hearing the four songs I knew from the 1990’s but I was pleasantly surprised to hear old and new songs that I’d never heard before and really liked them. The lead singer has an awesome voice and he puts on an interactive show too! The music sounded great and the musicians rocked it out

  5. Great show to all !

  6. I have seen this band nearly 20 times and have never been disappointed by them!!!! They always put on a rocking show!!!!! Can’t wait to see them again soon!!! Hope they come back to the Masquerade too cause it was a pretty cool venue for a concert!

  7. The opening bad I had not heard of, but they were good. Candlebox rocked the Ballroom!

  8. Candlebox was my first CD, way back when I was in high school. This was my only time seeing them, and it was more than I expected. They sounded excellent and sang all their songs and talked to the crowd. The venue was small, so you could get a good view from anywhere.

  9. Aw, this was an extremely good post. loving the shots of Jon!

  10. Wow, Great photos I was skimming the NECR site and saw you all covered this show. I have been a CCD fan for years! Great work>>>

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