Dropkick Murphys LIVE: St. Patricks Day 2012.

Review and Photography by Micah Gummel.

Live from the Tsongas Center, Lowell, MA.

What better way to spend St. Patty’s day than a night with the Dropkick Murphys!

Fans from all over the world travel to the Boston area to see the Dropkicks on St. Patrick’s Day. With “The State of Massachusetts,” and “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,” they have been loyal revelers to the Baystate. Known for their live shows that support Boston and New England, they honor the working class heroes as well as the sports fans. Their sound has evolved over the years, and originated as Irish punk roots, a unique genre all their own.

Their seventh album, Going Out In Style, was released on March 1, 2012. Closing out this latest tour with over a week’s worth of shows in the New England area. Massachusetts was stoked to have their band rock the Tsongas arena with a sold out evening performance.

Starting off this evening’s event was, The Parkington Sisters, hailing from Cape Cod, MA. On the road with the Dropkicks for this tour, they started the night with a more traditional Celtic sound. They opened their set with an untitled song, which was full of driving fiddle melodies. This crowd was primed! (Well, ok, Guinness did the priming!)

England’s Frank Turner, followed with high energy punk-folk music, backed by The Sleeping Souls. Frank has a huge following in his homeland. He has been selling out headline shows across America—including The Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

Photo by Micah Gummel.


Soon after Turner left the stage, the crowd erupted with arena anthem applause:

“Let’s – go Mur-phys!” (Clap Clap Clap) “Let’s – go Mur-phys!” (Clap Clap Clap) “Let’s – go Mur-phys!” (Clap Clap Clap)

The anticipation turned into a frenzy. Then the lights went out and the curtains opened. The Dropkicks killed it with “The Irish Rover!” Al was running horizontally back and forth at the front of the stage, doing his traditional first song, “Psychic Up.” For the next two hours they dominated the attention of everyone in the building!

This production was filled with tempo and set changes. From time to time the stage was shared by an entire troupe of bagpipe players and 15 girls from the Forbes School-Irish Step Dance Crew. At other times in the show, bassist Ken Casey kept jumping off the stage to sing an entire song from within the mosh-pit.

A special guest appearance from local hero Micky Ward, recently portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in the Academy-Award winning sports drama, The Fighter. “We were knocking at this guy’s door years before Hollywood came around,” explained Casey in his thick Boston accent. “We don’t need any cameras around to love this guy.” The band then launched into the roof-raising anthem, “The Warrior’s Code,” a song from one of the Dropkicks’ past albums dedicated to Ward’s historic championship fight against welter weight boxer Arturo Gatti.

At this show the Dropkick fans had that traditional Irish energy was infectious, it’s very hard to not leave a Dropkicks show with a big smile on your face.

Photo by Micah Gummel.

Meet the Dropkick Murphys:

Al Barr- Lead Vocals

Ken Casey- Lead Vocals and Bass

Matt Kelly- Drums, Bodran, Vocals

James Lynch- Guitar, Vocals

Tim Brennan- Guitar, Accordian, Vocals

Jeff Da Rosa- Mandolin, Banjo, Bouzouki, Whistle, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals.

Scruffy Wallace- Bagpipes and Tin Whistle.

Photo by Micah Gummel.

From the Rail Riders:

Fan interview: “Dude that show rocked what I love the most about the Dropkicks is the fact that

it all so “in your face”. I asked him to explain he said they just love to go in to the crowd with no

concern they are like our friends kinda like a high school band.”


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  1. Great coverage Micah !

  2. Historic !

    • What a great post, just passing by to say hey!

  3. Dude, to funny its great to have seen you at the show great photos and review. This site is great!

  4. I was lucky enough to attend this Dropkick Murphys show; a phenomenal show from beginning to end! Watching the Dropkick Murphys perform with Parkington Sisters, the girls Irish step dance crew, and them playing from stools. There were mosh pits here and there, the crowd was going wild with excitement! The whole show was so entertaining definitely a St. Patrick’s Day I’ll never forget!! Great work on the photos and review, when I look at them brings me back to that night, I can almost feel the rush and excitement from the show all over again!

    • Ahhh this was a crazy show!

  5. Great review I got here from your awsome Facebook page. Good work guys!


  6. I had a blast at this show I was at both shows that day. Man what a day and what great shows. your photography here tells it all great work!

  7. Thanks for the kind words here I hope to see you at the next show!


    • That show rocked.I was there Saturday night.There were 2 tignhs wrong the one jackass who kept spiting water at them and the.Second they didn’t play long enough kidding i could of watched them for 2 more hours.This was by far there best show they done here.Coming on to we are the champions you had to be there its hard to describe the mood.When the drum kit was lit up with the big Boston B.Just to clear up something it wasn’t a card board cut out of the cup it was card board cut out of him holding the cup.Along with him burning Vancouver about Boston winning it here. I’ve been to allot of concerts these guys bar far put on the best and I look forward to seeing them as soon as i leave the show.

  8. Bro, the show sounds dope. Wish I wasn’t stuck going to Manchester ! Buts dude, its almost like I was there when I read this! Great job man !

    • Awsome photography!

  9. Sick review and photos great work!

  10. Clutch your rss feed rock the set this site is sweet! Im a fan I liked you guys on FB and will hope to see you at a show or two! Great work here and nice review!!!!

  11. This show was great, ahhh the photos take me back!

  12. Ha I cant wait till the next show! Thanks for expressing your art.

  13. Dude, great review and sweet photos I was one of the guys in the front row….. What a great night….. the Dropkicks Rock!

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