Halestorm At The State Theatre, ME

Photos by Kaitlyn Cooper
Review by Kaitlyn Cooper
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Halestorm is a band that has had a lot of stardom with only two albums, a cover EP, and a live CD. They are native New Englanders coming from Pennsylvania. This was not there first time playing in Maine. Just last year they played the same venue! Just like the last show, they did not let anyone down and showed how much they loved there fans.

The show started with a band that is quit big in New England called, Prospect Hill. This was there second time opening for Halestorm at the same venue. They have gotten awards for their live performances and it defiantly showed.  They were full of energy and got everyone excited to enjoy the headliner. They were jumping around, interacting with the crowd, and singing with the crowd. They defiantly deserved to open for Halestorm.

Then the moment came that everyone was waiting for. The big Halestorm logo on the stage lit up and everyone went crazy. Lzzy, Arejay, Josh, and Joe all came running on to the stage and the show began with a bang. No wonder why these guys are the next big thing. With Lzzy’s voice, Arejay’s crazy drumming with huge drum sticks, Josh’s bass beats, and Joes awesome guitar solos. Its not surprising how popular they are. They never disappoint during a live show. High energy and lots of fun for all ages.


12 Responses to "Halestorm At The State Theatre, ME"

  1. Halestorm and Prospect Hill were just fan-freaking-tastic!! Prospect Hill opened the show and got everyone rocking out. I honestly felt like they could have been co-headlining, rather than just opening. They were truly THAT GOOD! Of course Halestorm came out and blew the house down with their awesomeness. Lzzy Hale sounds the same live as she does on the cd. And Arejay’s drum solo was pretty epic. The entire band just rocks and loves what they do. You can see it in their faces while they are up on stage blowing us all away. I cannot wait to see both bands again!!!!

  2. Both Prospect Hill and Halestorm ROCKED IT…a must see show for sure!!!!

  3. Really like the small venue. Makes it feel like there playing just for you

  4. Awesome high energy show… Great songs …. Stage presence …. Fine musicians !!!
    The band all seem to have a great time on stage. Drum solo was very cool… I hope to
    see them again sometime…. Lizzy is a rockin’ guitarist and sweeet to see in person !!!
    Good luck to Halestorm and please come back in Maine !!!!!

  5. Awesome show at the state, Halestorm has really stepped up their game over the past 2 years!!!! They’re becoming a great rock band!!

  6. LZZY and crew were once again crazy good at what they do. With the grueling schedule they keep they are still UP for each and every show. Great show good venue very up close and personal. Halestorm does a great job at truly appreciating their fans.
    Not to mention some great rock. Lzzy’s voice is to die for. My 3rd Halestorm show this year and the ones with them being the marquis are the best!! Keep Rockin.

  7. Agreed come to Bangor waterfront!!!

  8. They are going to go far. The new song on the radio ROCKS I love Halestorm come back to Maine!!!!

  9. Want a Night!

  10. What a show great photos HS kicks ass

  11. They work so hard and are great the show was great! You guys keep me alive I love the site it going to be a cold winter thanks for doing what you do!

  12. H Storm is growing so fast! What a band !




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