Jane's Addiction Rocks Maine! 2012

Live Show Review and Photography by Micah Gummel.
In keeping with the trend for the Great Escape Artist tour,  this was a sold out show to over 2000 people of the State Theater of Portland Maine. Soon after the doors opened, the fans wasted no time to pile in to the State. Within minutes, we were packed in like sardines. 
The Black Box Revelation, a duo drum and guitar band from Brussels, set the stage  for the evenings show. Similar to The White Stripes, with a twist of Blind Faith, they seemed to work well with the crowd. It was quite impressive and a good lead up to what was coming next.

The lights dimmed and the crowd erupted. Theatrics were on display.  The setting was reminiscent of a macabre/erotic haunted-barn with staging in front and a pair of 25-foot-tall gold naked-lady statues, while two scantily-clad women in capacious white gowns long contrails (one of whom, Etty Lau, is Farrell’s wife) were raised to the rafters on wires, as a man in a bizarre black crow costume swung out on a riser stage-right. This set the tone for the evening’s unbridled strange and intriguing theme for the night. 

Jane’s Addiction, the progenitors of alternative rock, opened with Underground, the first track off their 2011 album The Great Escape Artist. This new song served was a great introduction, letting Farrell show he can still hit the crazy high notes for which he is known, even with almost 30 years of vocals. Drummer, Stephen Perkins and bassist, Chris Chaney gave some room to lay out the low end, allowing guitarist, Dave Navarro to belt an epic guitar riff and a screaming solo. This was the ultimate in master of rock posturing! For the first two songs, he was strutting around the stage in a black leather vest and no shirt.

Balancing Navarro’s true rocker coolness, is Farrell’s manic, immense energy, which, on stage, comes across as pure joy. During a break after the third song, Just Because, from (2001) Strays, Farrell took a moment to say “hi” the crowd. Bouncing from side to side,  waving and smiling — these guys were legitimately happy to be on stage!

The show explored darker metaphors on either side of the stage,  where video screens were playing random light BDSM clips that were slowed down, sped up and filtered to ensure they were as sinister as possible. In keeping with the dark side, the song Broken People, featured a performance in which a man dressed head-to-toe in white and carrying a sack full of baby dolls claimed the stairs up to a large deck where he proceeded to hang some baby dolls as well as dismantling baby dolls heads and appendages. Following this he hanged himself as the song ended. This felt much like weirdness for the sake of weirdness, but there’s certain fortitude in attempting to disturb and alienate at least part of your audience.

Farrell’s wife and the other woman, previously seen floating up to the top of the theater, returned to the stage as well. Farrell joined them, stalking the pair before mimicking grabbing his wife’s hair and spanking her multiple times. Returning to center stage, Farrell never seems to be at a loss for words. For a show whose promotional materials were so fit to fill a person with misgivings, in the end, the spectacle really spoke for itself.  Jane’s Addiction definitively proves to remain the powerhouse band they have always been.

The Rail Riders: Fan Reactions to the Show.

The opening act was filled with energy !

Jane’s addiction was amazing, hardcore, the scene was a sort of kinky erotica; opening up with Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell and crew [they] rocked the stage hard! Little stage acts happened between songs and some even improved the whole visage of the rock experience !
Underneath they wore stretchy like bondage, nude kind of body suit ... Well maybe they were just nude? ! They were in my mind! 

The stage set up was filled with lights and two sets of led lights. Flashing images and scenes [were] going with the music; the major piece was two naked women back to back; Fans were crowd surfing to the stage and clinging on to Perry F., untill getting pulled off the stage. Perry and Dave even took turns taking pictures with a photographers camera!

The overall night was a fantastic, unforgettable night! From beginning to end, the whole thing was unbelievable! I was asked what my favorite part was and I couldn’t pick one. The whole thing was just amazing! Everyone was screaming and head banging with the guys.  Some even threw drinks in excitement! Dave even took some time in between songs to talk to fans and interact with them.
Black Box Revelation: a real party starter! They got everyone amped up and totally ready for the performance from Jane’s Addiction.

My whole experience of the night was absolutely amazing; the whole thing was just like a kinky erotic rock concert. Girls were swinging around in what looked like nothing but bondage; prancing around like sex slaves. Sex drugs and rock and roll they say and this show was just that.

Horrific, graphic, images … a robot lady with legs pushing a baby cart …a  man hanging a baby from a neuce … ripping a baby’s limbs and head off …a man cutting himself …  a crazy-raven-crow-freakish-bird-like-man …

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  1. Hey, I was the guy next to you at the show. That was a crazy packed show but man what a show they rocked! You did a great review here and sums it up well! I must say I dont know how you did it with the photography you took awsome photos! O’ and when Dave and Parry took your camera and started taking photos that was so funny what a crazy night. I hope to see you at show soon.

  2. Dude this show was sweet! Thanks for the support at the show this review is great. Like above your photos take me back great work see ya soon.

  3. Micah, thanks for capturing the show in words and images. As it happens, I was right at the stage with you during the show as well, so seeing your photos is like reliving the visual experience. Jane’s has been one of my favorite bands ever since my roommate came home with Nothing’s Shocking on CD in the summer of ’89. I saw them at the first Lollapalooza, then in Paris during the fall of ’90, but hadn’t caught them again until the March 3, ’12 show at the State Theatre. Words cannot capture this experience. It was the most intense and yet intimate concert I’d ever experienced. The lack of barrier between fans and the stage allowed the band to not only interact with the screaming masses, but it made us feel a part of the show as well. It was surreal — I remember at one point when Dave and Perry were standing right in front of us at the edge of the stage, and I looked at my brother and said, “They are RIGHT THERE!” Live music is truly a unique opportunity for a fan to experience the artist in such a personal way — you can’t see your favorite movie or TV star perform their art in person unless they are in a stage production, and yet with that there is a significant physical separation between artist and fan. Not so for Jane’s — it’s a testament to their quest to remake the concert experience, and I think they did. I’d love to see them again…but at the same time, a part of me wants this to be the last time. I’m just not sure the experience could be duplicated, nor would I want it to be. For now, I’m just trying to keep the memory fresh and alive through these photographs and by blasting their music with the windows down. If Jane’s rolls through Boston on this tour or the next, I’m going to have a tough decision to make.

    Oh, one last thing. If anyone from the band happens to read this: Thank you thank you thank you for closing with Ocean Size. Perfect end to a fantastic night.

    • Doug, thanks for the kind words here I am glad to hear your story its great! I agree with you the setting was awesome yeah the crowd was “RIGHT THERE!” This show for sure is a show to remember. Anyway good to have met you and I will see you again at the next show.

  4. I was in the first row of seats! Janes Addiction def put on a kick ass performance. It was a hot, exotic, graphic, and a completely entertaining show!! Had a little bit of everything, what a rush! Reading your review and looking at your photos brings me back to that night. Phenomenal work!!

  5. Awesome show! Lifelong fan but this was my first time seeing them live, couldn’t have asked for a better experience! You took some incredible photos of the night, SO excited you caught a shot of me on stage! Thank you 🙂

    • Cheryl,

      Glad to get you on camera it was a great show….

  6. Good review here and great photography I am glad I found this as I was searching of photos from the show. Ill be back!

  7. I love your post, I just might be addicted to these articles and this site it is great and I just love Janes Addiction I am so sad I did not make the show. I must say that the Concert Phorography that Micah took rocks!

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  9. Excellent goods from you, man. I got your info at the show I was the guy to the right of ya! Great read and awesome photos. See ya soon my friend!

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  26. This was an amazing show! I must thank you for all your hard work!

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  29. Loving your post I love JA and hope to get to the next show at the end of summer!!!!

  30. I agree with above post the show rocked.

  31. Please, keep up the good posts, these posts are amazing the photos of JA are killer nice work!

  32. I’ve been to many many concerts in my day and I have to say, this stands out as one of the best, easily in my top three of all time. I was front and center, one person back from the stage. Perry, Dave and the boys were definitely into it the whole night. I shook Perry’s hand three times! It was amazing! I’ll never forget this concert!

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