Joe Walsh At The Casino Ballroom – NH

The 1998 Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has recently hit the road again this fall on his solo tour. I was covering the Saturday October 10th show at The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. This was a sold-out show, selling out months back. Walsh is touring in support of his 2012 release, the Jeff Lynne-produced Analog Man. Over his career, Walsh scored the “musical hat trick”: famous songs via three different incarnations. Walsh first gained notoriety as a member of the James Gang before he branched off into a solo career. Eventually Walsh would reach an even bigger audience as a member of the Eagles. He spent much of 2013-14 making the rounds with his fellow Eagles alumni, Glenn Fry and Don Henley, with a television documentary focused on The Eagles. It’s a great show catch it if you can.
Walsh’s guitar work, whether straight or slide or run through the talk box, provided the spark and flash the show needed down the stretch (his personality, one among many that often clashed so famously, is both the inanest and most relatable of the bunch when you are talking about The Egles). His bracket of In the City, Life’s Been Good, Funk #49 and later his signature James Gang song Rocky Mountain Way gave the pre-programmed jukebox a decent thump. In a display of brazen energy he wandered from his side of the stage to the other one – and back again- easily outdoing the onstage mileage of anyone else.
Throughout the 90 minute set, Walsh continued to seamlessly cycle through hits both new and old, in a testament to the timelessness of his music. The crowd was receptive, singing and dancing, and matching the impressive energy of the sixty-something superstar on the stage. Not one to shy away from a crowd pleaser, for the encore Walsh treated the audience in honor of breast cancer awareness “I.L.B.T’s”. Much to the crowd’s delight, he then returned for a second encore where he played and closed the night out with “Rocky Mountain Way.”
The performance at The Casino Ballroom made it clear that Joe Walsh is a musician worthy of his many accolades. His instrumentation and singing are flawless, and stage presence warm and energetic. He is not above joking with the crowd, but he does not allow the banter to interrupt the carefully curated flow of songs. Without an opening act, the show seemed to move rapidly, but it was definitely worthwhile to see this legend offer a sampling from his vast catalogue of hits just in time for the holiday season. New Hampshireites should consider themselves extremely lucky to experience this rare solo shows. In spite of his earlier struggles, Joe Walsh exudes joy, reminding his audience that “Life’s Been Good,” and it was a pleasure to see him play once again. If you get the chance to see him do it!


Walk Away
(James Gang song)
A Life of Illusion
Over and Over
Analog Man
In the City
Pretty Maids All in a Row
(Eagles song)
Mother Says
Turn to Stone
The Bomber: Closet Queen/Bolero/Cast Your Fate to the Wind
(James Gang song)
Funk #49
(James Gang song)
Life’s Been Good
Rocky Mountain Way

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