Papa Roach at the State Theatre – Portland, ME

Photos and Review by Michael Cox

Papa Roach’s Crooked Teeth tour invaded State Theatre Portland Maine to a soldout standing room only crowd with Escape the Fate and Nothing More to open the show. Nothing More, a band out of San Antonio Texas formed in 2003, was nominated for Best Rock album in 2017. The band is led by Johny Hawkins drummer turned lead singer, and had a high energy with lots on onstage antics.  What away to open a Papa Roach show!

Escape The Fate, from Las Vegas Nevada, formed in 2005 and is led by Craig Mabbit. With his growling and screaming lyrics, he got the crowd pumped up for the show. The band cranked out some tunes with some fantastic playing, just plain rocking out the crowd.

Papa Roach then exploded onto the stage to “Crooked Teeth.” I never saw the band play in person, and they blew me away with their high energy on stage.  Jacobys Shaddix’s voice sounds fantastic, just like it did when he first started out.

The mosh pit quickly formed as crowd surfers jumped up to be passed over the barrier to the waiting arms of security, over and over again. As the night went on, the fans got more and more into the songs they grew up on. During the encore, the fans went nuts, especially for “Last Resort.”

This band has stood the test of time with their hard rocking and hard playing. This night, they have given the fans what they want, a great rock show. A must see show when it comes to your area.

Song list

  • Crooked teeth
  • To be loved
  • Getting away with murder
  • Still swingin
  • Face everything and rise
  • Snakes
  • Kick in the teeth
  • Gravity
  • Periscope
  • My medication
  • Help
  • Broken home
  • Tramatic
  • Song 2
  • Between angels and insects
  • Forever
  • Falling apart
  • Born for greatness


  • Scars
  • None of the above
  • Last resort

Papa Roach

Escape the Fate

Nothing More

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