Pearl Jam at Fenway Park – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Jim LaValley
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Pearl Jam came to Boston, MA for a pair of sold-out shows at Fenway Park. The Seattle band has been performing at Eddy’s favorite baseball stadiums all around the country. Eddy Vedder came out with the night’s unique setlist and a nice bottle of wine. The band creates a new setlist for every show to ensure the fans are getting a nice mix of their music for every live show. Below is a hand-written setlist that was provided to me just before the show started.

The loyal and dedicated fans filled Fenway’s outfield grass but were not on or within the infield’s diamond. It’s cool how the Fenway grounds crew transforms the park into a concert venue. This was the first time I have ever seen Pearl Jam and was amazed at the volume of songs that you hear on the radio over their 3-hour set, it was like listening to the radio at times.
The band is led by Eddy Vedder on vocals, ripping guitars by Mike McCreedy and Stone Gossard, keyboards by Boom Gaspar, and rhythm for the band Jeff Ament on bass with Matt Cameron on drums.
Their sound was crisp and loud, like 124 dB loud, which went right through you in the pit while taking photos. Eddy took a moment to tell stories throughout the night on his love for Boston and Fenway Park.
Bill Janovitz from the late 80’s Buffalo Tom joined Pearl Jam onstage for “Taillights Fade.” Pearl Jam also played a rare live song “Tremor Christ” and performed a nice melody of “Daughter/w.m.a./it’s OK.” Vedder also performed a cover of “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty. Vedder has his red Fender Telecaster and told the story how the late Tom Petty gave it to him.
It was a great late-summer night of music in Boston, the crowd enjoyed every minute during their long set.
It’s definitely worth checking out a live show at Fenway Park, and Pearl Jam did a great job rocking the venue.

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