Prospect Hill LIVE!

Review and Photography by Micah Gummel.

I was fortunate enough to photograph and review Prospect Hill, soon after their album release, IMPACT, was celebrated with a  party at the famous Wilbur Theatre in Boston, MA.

This time the setting was at Wally’s Pub, which is well known as Hampton Beach’s oldest biker hang out. With stellar food, awesome staff and friendly clientele, the venue was ready to welcome Prospect Hill. The stage was decked out with the band’s banners, projecting blue lights.

From Methuen, Mass., Prospect Hill provides music for all ages to enjoy. A range of adults were in attendance with older teens anticipating their set with high energy, catchy melodies, and intense hooks.

Tonight, this hard rock act was geared up for their highly anticipated first tour of the year. This was the kick-off show for their tour. There was definitely a rowdy bunch of Prospect fans at the pub, and men widely out numbered women in attendance.

Starting off their set was their latest Billboard charting song, “Come Alive!” This was intensely powerful as it packed and delivered the charismatic vocals of Adam Fithian. Adam was charged up from the first to last note. This enthusiasm and outright force behind his stage presence was mesmerizing and magnetic to the crowd. Every time he carelessly jumped out to the large deck speakers, the crowd swarmed to him, and fought to get just an inch closer. Each instrument sounded crisp, clean, loud and proud. All members were clearly having fun, simply doing what they love — jamming to create fantastic live music!

With seven songs from their new album plus fan favorites that did not disappoint, Prospect Hill held a tight reign on their set list and the crowd responded. From the rock ballad, ‘Reflections’ to the blistering ‘Dirty Mother,’ Prospect Hill has the talent,  the range and the force to quickly move to the top of the charts. They are no longer a band to watch, but now a band to catch. Do it quickly, they are moving fast.



The band delivered this high energy set:

Come Alive


Life Goes On




Patriots Anthem


Into the Light

Secret Me





Dirty Mother



16 Responses to "Prospect Hill LIVE!"

  1. Ok, so I wanted to get out of the house this is typical for me during the New England winters. So I decided to get out and go to Wally’s pub and see this show. I have never really listened to any of Prospect Hills music but the most popular songs. This was truly a great show and the coverage here is so cool. The photography that was taken here is truly amazing. Micah I don’t know how you get those well-lit shots out of such a dark place. I hope to meet you at some point at some show……. Great work !

    • Chris,

      It was a great show and thanks for the kind words!

  2. Dude, great work here!

  3. Prospect Hill rocked at Wally’s Pub!!!

  4. Just looking around after finding the Janes Addiction review. I love these guys I think they will go far! I like this site you have covered a lot of great bands keep it up!!!!!

  5. Just like the above man great work and wow what a show I cant wait to see them again next week!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Hey, I was at the show and met you there great review and sweet photos!

    • Ha! I will see you soon man!

  7. I was at this show it was a blast to se them in a small place this the pub. I am glad I found this site I found you guys on Facebook nice work hear I will be back for sure!

  8. Wonderful review, very informative I was at this show my friend pointed me this site I love it and will be back.

  9. Excellent website and great work I was at this show.

  10. Prospect Hill is the band to catch !!! Reach !!!

  11. Keep up the good work. ^_~ Great review on Prospect Hill!

  12. My brother recommended I would possibly like this blog. I do this review truly made my day. I was at this show and PH rocks Thanks!

  13. You guys rock I was at the pub the last time they were there it was great!




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