Seether Tour, 2012


April 20th 2012.

Venue: State Theater, Portland, Maine.

Review and Photography by Micah Gummel.

Sidecar Radio, A Great Opener!

Opening up for Seether tonight, for an unexpected surprise was Sidecar Radio.  Here in New England, Sidecar Radio has become one of the most versatile and interesting bands. They play in just about any roadhouse bar or rock club with an audience that likes to get fired up and seemingly manages to increase their wattage every year. Similar to Seether, they are  a three-part group with aggressive sound and high energy that’s incredibly invigorating when you experience them.

Seether, Live!

Seether is a South African Alternative/Grunge/Metal band. Known for hits like “Broken” and “Remedy,” or off their recent album, Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray, a personal favorite that’s rising in the charts, “Country Song.”

The back drop of the setting was the album artwork of Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray. This is the fifth studio album by Seether.  The drum set was front and center with two mikes each wrapped with a strand of red lights. It was a simple setup, allowing no distractions to deter the focus of the band.

It’s been several years since the Seether graced northern New England with a live show. An hour and thirty minutes before the doors opened, the line to get up to The State Theater, was 150 people deep! All were eager to get there fix of Seether.

Seether fans had great hopes of an awesome rock show. Due to the departure of guitarist Troy McLawhorn, they are set up as a three piece act once again. Front man, Shaun Morgan, rocked the rhythm guitar along with his signature vocals . Opening with ‘Fur Cue,’ marked by striking riffs and not missing a beat, he rolled into ‘Gasoline.’ This stoked the crowd even more and only a couple of songs later he delivered ‘Fine Again,’ which sparked the crowd to sing along. Now the volume was maxed out, or so I thought, until bassist, Dale Stewart, pulled out the acoustic guitar and played one of Seether’s signature songs, ‘Broken.’ This allowed Shaun to step away from the microphone, allowing the crowd to sing some of the verses. This was a cool vibe! It is such a good song!

Later, a solo version of ‘Gift’ delivered by Shaun was dedicated to some friends of the band for their 25th anniversary. As he finished, the crowed erupted into an mammoth applause.

Seether at the State Theatre, Portland, ME

Seether at the State Theatre, Portland, ME, 2012

Closing out the night, ‘Fake It’ and ‘Remedy’ were the last songs. There was jumping, fist pumping and singing from every angle of the room, and most definitely a perfect way to end a killer rock show. The crowd stayed, hoping for an encore set, but the house lights rose and security led them to the doors. This was a great show. The guys of Seether love what they do which was felt to the core by their energized fans!

Seether at the State Theatre, Portland, ME

From the Rail Riders:

Fan 1: I don’t know if it was a joke or what but Shaun’s mike had a set of nuts hanging from it, so it looked like there were nuts on his chin the whole night. I was cracking up it was so funny.

Fan 2: We were surprised few people crowd surfed and some were moshing I think seeing them in a small venue truly made the fans take it all in and see the genuineness of the band and there dedication to give a truly memorable show. If you can pass this on to the band “Great job come back soon!”

Fan 3: John’s Drum solo was IN-SANE ! SICK ! TRIPPY ! OUT-GRAGIOUS ! Strobe lights were flashing crazy, like they were on acid itself! The drummer John, was just unbelievable, his hand work was impeccable!.


Fur Cue



Fine Again

Driven under


Gift (Solo by Shaun only)

Drum Solo



Country Song

Rise Above This

Fake It


For more information about Seether, visit their website at:

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    • Seether is a rock band from South Africa. Their post-grunge music appeals to me in many ways. My fairvote album by Seether is “Finding Beauty in Negative Places”. About 5/6 of this album’s songs are appealing to me.This album sold 750,562 copies. This shows how many other people agree with me on how great this band is. In my opinion, this is their best album so far. I’m sure the new album they are putting out in May will be even better than this one. This album has better songs in general than their older albums. The songs on this album are even catchier than the other ones.Seether’s lyrics are more mad and loud than other artists in this category. Most people would listen to them if they wanted to get “pumped up” or excited, or even if they were mad and needed to blow off some steam. They have many different songs with many different tempos. “Remedy” is more of a fast paced song, that is one of my fairvotes. “Driven Under” has a slower tempo and is also a fairvote of mines. Most people that would enjoy this artistr are teens and people that are in their twenties, because they are more inclined to listen to “harder” music when they are mad.In one sentence I would describe this CD as: Their greatest CD with their greatest songs. If I were to change anything about this album it would be the songs: “eyes of the Devil”, “Don’t Believe”, and “Waste”.The Good Songs:FMLYHM- Pretty good and some great lyricsFake It- Great song and other versesBreakdown-Meaningful lyricsRemedy- Fast tempo and funDriven Under- Slower, “Deep”No Jesus Christ- The lyrics catch youFallen- Pretty good all aroundCareless Whisper- Great songSix Gun Quota- Pretty great all aroundWalk Away from the Sun- Okay all aroundThe Not-So-Good Songs:Eyes of the Devil-alrightDon’t believe-decentWaste-I didn’t really like itIn conclusion, this album is the best to me. It has the best songs and you will want to listen to it over again. I’m sure if you like rock music you will love this CD.

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