SLASH at the House of Blues, Boston.

Photos and Review by Micah Gummel.

Thursday August 2, 2012

Venue: House of Blues Boston

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Slash (feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators) along with opening band, Monster Truck (who was recently nominated for TWO Casby Awards!) performed at House of Blues Boston Live last Thursday night. The background stage setting was a 72’ banner of the cover for ‘Apocalyptic Love’.

Slash, considered one of the best guitarists of all time, played to the sold-out crowd, who responded enthusiastically all night. They were there to see a Hall of Fame guitarist showing his guitar mastery at the House of Blues with a mix of songs from Velvet Revolver, Guns ‘N Roses, Slash’s Snakepit and tracks from his new self-titled solo release.

Adding to the night was renowned vocalist, Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge-fame, who commendably filled the role of Slash’s former front men. Kennedy kept songs like “Nightrain”, “Civil War”, and “Sucker Train Blues” from sounding like covers with his adaptable vocal ability. Despite nailing the sound of two unique front man, he would steal the show with his vocals on a song of his own, with a rare ballad in “Starlight”.

SLASH at the House of Blues, Boston 2012.

Midway through the night, and an obvious highlight for many fans, was the surprise appearance of Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame, who came out to sing guest vocals on Dr. Alibi. Lemmy was in town as one of the head liners for Monster Mayhem 2012. It was quite the sight to see them on stage – the crowd went wild.

SLASH at the House of Blues, Boston 2012.

Slash, moving on a few songs later, turned an instrumental showcase into the theme from “The Godfather”. He then made an offer nobody could refuse, as he starting riffing away on “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

Although curfew time for The HOB was approaching, Slash and co. didn’t adjust the show at all,  as they fit in a three-song encore. They even went a few minutes over curfew, capping the night off in rowdy fashion with “Paradise City”.

SLASH at the House of Blues, Boston 2012.

From the Rail:

“I was exceptionally anxious for this show for I have been a Guns n Roses fan my whole life.  Growing up my dad and I used to sing their songs on his PA system. Not only do the words, rhythms, and beats of their songs dwell within my soul but they have also brought memorable moments to my life. I thought I would never get the chance to see any member perform live but here I was anticipating the performance of American hard rock guitarist Slash’s (equipped with that iconic hat) solo band with Miles. They Rocked the House!”

SLASH at the House of Blues, Boston 2012.

Set List for SLASH at the House of Blues, Boston August 2, 2012:




Standing in the Sun

Back From Cali!

My Michelle

Beggars & Hangers-On

Not for Me

Rocket Queen

Dr. Alibi (with Lemmy Kilmister!)

You’re Fuckin’ Crazy (Todd Kerns)

No More Heroes


Hard and Fast


Godfather Theme


Sweet Child O’ Mine

You’re a Lie


By the Sword

Paradise City

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27 Responses to "SLASH at the House of Blues, Boston."

  1. I was at this show man it rocked! The HOB is a great place!!!

  2. All I can say is WOW what a show! To top it Lemmy!!!! you guys have Killer photos I cant get over the quality. Great work!!!!

  3. The venue was perfect, intimate with great acoustics. Myles delivered a perfect performance. His clean vocals with their incredible range were nothing short of stellar! They actually did a couple of GnR songs too. Slash, of course, was amazing! The combination of the two left many of us saying: Axel who?? Lemmy from Motorhead made a guest appearance as well.

    Great show and cant wait to see them again!

    • Awesome show! Miles rock it and well so did Slash!!!

  4. The Slash show from thursday night at the House of Blues in Boston on thursday night was the best I’ve seen him preform. I’ve seen Slash approx. 7 times ( Guns N Roses, Slash’s Blues Ball, Velvet Revolver 3 times, now twice as solo ) and it seems he gets better every time I see him. The band was incredible. Slash’s guitar tone was dead-on amazing. A special guest Lemmy joined him for a song just seemed to put the icing on the cake to a great show.

  5. Great job on the pictures man! Looks like awesome show!

    • you guys are truly amazing photos! This was a great so if you have never seen Slash go go go!!!

  6. If it wasn’t already obvious that Slash would rock, well he topped it! Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators were amazing! Honestly better than what “Guns n Roses” are now. They sang alot of their own stuff but also alot of GNR songs, which they killed! Myles is much better than Axl is these days live.

  7. Slash concert was kick ass! Agreed HOB is a great venue! Great work on the review awesome photos they speak for themselves! Keep it up I look forward to seeing more!

  8. Waited 21 years to hear Guns N Roses songs live again! And better yet, did not have to wait on Axl’s sorry lazy ass to show up and then trash talk everyone around him (as he did in Nassau Coliseum in 1991 when I last saw and heard). Myles Kennedy is smokin hot, great voice and always smiling. Slash was, well slashing and making love to his guitar like I wanted to see. Great show,in Boston I will never forget!

  9. Awesome photos i dont know how you do it but they speak for themselves! Love Slash’s top hat!

    • great coverage! Cheers

  10. Awesome concert! It was great to see n hear them perform a few Guns N Roses songs! Your pictures rock brings me back thanks!

  11. Slash rocked the house!

  12. Great show, the music seemed to flow flawlessly! Good mix of Slash’s first two albums and Appetite. Was hoping for something from the Illusion albums, but what are you going to do? The solos seemed to go forever and were the best parts of the show. Definately a great rock show and I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves great guitar!

  13. Slash and the band were on fire at the HOB!

  14. This was a killer show I loved the HOB and Slash!!!

  15. Yeah I agree Slash is the man! Nice photos!

  16. Just came across your pictures….some great stuff…keep up the great work i look forward to seeing more

  17. Wow, incredible weblog and great coverage I just saw Slash at Hampton!

  18. Slash was awsome!

  19. I agree this show Rock the House!

  20. We were in town for the Ball game all the way from Cali. We happened to get in to this show WOW it rocked! I will be spreding the word on this cost about your site we love it!

  21. I agree with you! This show was Bad Ass!

  22. Slash and Miles were great I cought the show at Hampton it was killer. Take care. Roberto

  23. Excellent read and photos.

  24. Great website, I love this article. Thank you!




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