Snarky Puppy at the Portsmouth Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer

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The fusion influenced jam band, Snarky Puppy put on an incredible performance at the Portsmouth Music Hall. The large band is made up of a varying lineup from the roughly 30 musicians that perform and record with the group, and they were incredible.

Some standouts on that particular night were Jamison Ross on drums, who did some awesome solos throughout the evening, Bobby Sparks on the Organ, again with some incredible solo work, Michael League and Chris McQueen on guitars with Chris doing the solos and Michael filling the role of front-man. Chris Bullock on saxophone and Shaun Martin on keyboards also had heavy roles including solos. Justin Stanton had several trumpet solos, played some keyboards, and has composed a number of the group’s songs.

Snarky Puppy is a different kind of group in that all the members have other projects and bands. They come together in different configurations to perform with this group. The fact that this is not their only focus has no impact at all on how well they play together or on the performance in any way. I was not very familiar with them prior to this but will definitely for their tours in the future. Great performance all around.

The current tour will run about seven months in support of their latest release, Immigrance.

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