Stryper at the Tupelo Music Hall – Derry, NH

Photos and Review by Michael Cox

Show photos HERE

Stryper brings their 2nd leg of there God Damn Evil tour to a sold out crowd at Tupelo Music Hall. The band is Michael Sweet (vocals), Robert Sweet (drums), Oz Fox (drums), and newest member Perry Richardson (bass).

They hit the stage to a standing and cheering crowd. Song after song of new and old classic hits get the crowd worked up with songs like Soldiers Under Command, In God We Trust and Calling On You.

The band sounds fantastic just like 30 years ago. Michael’s voice hits every note. Robert doesn’t miss a beat on drums and Oz shows every one that he’s back to full strength with every lick of the guitar.

As Perry pounds away on bass the band pulls their signature move and starts throwing bibles out into the crowd, along with a good dose of guitar picks. It’s funny watching adults get excited about nabbing a bible or pick.

The band played a 90 minute set without a break, singing and joking with the crowd. The audience kept singing along to every song.

We finally come to the end of the set as the band kicks off To Hell With The Devil. The crowd tries to out-sing the band as they stand and cheer. The band thanked everyone for coming out to the show to a standing ovation. As one person told to me “This is the best the band has sounded and a fantastic line up.” It was truly another awesome rock show.

  1. Yahweh
  2. The Valley
  3. Calling On You
  4. Free
  5. More Than a Man
  6. All For One
  7. Revelation
  8. In God We Trust
  9. Always There For You
  10. Surrender
  11. Sorry
  12. Soldiers Under Command
  13. God Damn Evil
  14. Sing Along Song
  15. The Way
  16. Holding On
  17. Loud ‘n Clear
  18. To Hell With the Devil

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