ZZ Top and The Gang of Outlaws

May 25, 2012Photography and Review by Micah Gummel.Venue:Verizon Wireless Arena NH

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ZZ Top and The Gang of Outlaws are ready to ride!

 ZZ Top, “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas,” who we have known for over four decades is ready for a 6 week road trip through the USA! Sharing the ticket is 3 Doors Down and Gretchen Wilson. Calling themselves, “The Gang Of Outlaws,” this tour will be playing mostly Eastern, Southern and Mid-western towns. The tour launched in Manchester. N.H., at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

I was lucky to be invited to cover ZZ Top on this concert series. With their original line-up intact, they are one of only a hand full of bands that I can recall, having the very same members that they did back when they first started out in 1970.

The “sharp dressed” men took the stage – and the crowd took to their feet! At this show Billy Gibbons played lead with his guitar slung low. This gunslinger was intricate and played bended notes. And he played very well, indeed – often one-handed, with the notes coming from his left hand on the neck, or in flourishes, such as on “Pincushion.”

Dusty Hill was ripping it up with a rockin rendtion of Sam and Dave’s soul classic, “I Thank You.”. “Waitin’ For The Bus,” delivered some serious bass blues riffs, just letting the crowd know he still has it. Later on Dusty took on the lead vocal for “Heard It on the X.” Billy and Dusty tore it up and traded lead vocals in “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers.” While Dusty seems to have a higher range than Gibbons, their voices complement each other nicely, still delivering that sound we all know as ZZ Top. The main set finished with a killer extended version of “Sharp Dressed Man.”

The encore came back with “La Grange,” and directly lead in to “Just Got Paid.” The final song of their encore set, raising the crowd to there feet, was what seemed to be the tune everybody was waiting to hear -“Tush!” This featured Dusty Hill on lead vocals again, with some good, but slightly out of tune slide work, from Gibbons.

The original keepers of the Muddywood, these long time supporters of the blues came out in force as the reliable staple of roots rock, funky soul movers. Their music, their look, and style is so distinctive and original, it was an honor to be amongst the great American tradition of ZZ Top that night. Catch them on tour if you can!

Meet ZZ Top:

Singer/guitarist Billy Gibbons

Singer/bassist Dusty Hill

Drummer Frank Beard

ZZ Top Set List for Manchester, NH, May 25th, 2012:

I Thank You

Waitin’ for the Bus

Jesus Just Left Chicago


Arrested for Driving While Blind

Heaven, Hell or Houston

My Head’s in Mississippi

Heard It On The X

She’s Just Killing Me


Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Gimme All Your Lovin’

Sharp Dressed Man



La Grange / Just Got Paid


Catch ZZ Top and the Gang of Outlaws on Tour!

Other May 2012 gigs include

Atlantic City at the Mark G. Etess Arena May 26

Mashantucket, Conn., at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods May 27

Scranton, Pa., at the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain May 30

For more information and tour dates, head on over to www.zztop.com.

30 Responses to "ZZ Top and The Gang of Outlaws"

  1. Just as good as when I saw both bands 35 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great photos guys!

  2. I usually don’t Review but I am making an exception for an exceptional band. I have been to about 15concerts at the Verizon Wireless venue in the last 6 years or so. ZZ Top was the best concert of all of them. Why? First, they can still technically Play and Sing and hit all the notes, and Entertain as well as they always have (I first saw them in about 1971 at Abilene High School). But what was absolutely fantastic was that they played their own songs EXACTLY like they were recorded with essentially NO variance or improvisation that I could tell, and I know their stuff well. They also did not do a bunch of “new” stuff for us old geezers that really just come to relieve our youth by hearing the old stuff. The one “non-ZZ” song was a tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Hey Joe) and it was well done. All three still have a sense of humor. I love you guys.

  3. I had wanted to see ZZ Top for years and never got the chance until this year…..it was so worth the wait!! I danced almost the whole show!! They still have it!! My only recommendation….have some t-shirts for sale that are more “feminine”! Several of us ladies made that comment…..otherwise, AWESOME SHOW!! I love this site I am glad to have found it. Great work here keep it up!!

  4. Off the Charts Awesome !!!! With a little rain and wind that would have “frightened” a lesser band, Billy, Dusty, and Frank blew it out of the Verizon Wireless Arena. They are so tight, charismatic, and “normal” that everyone relates to them. They do what they were born to do……….

  5. Show was GREAT! I never miss them – and this show was as good as all their others over the years. Lots of audience interaction. Music and vocals were fantastic.

  6. What a great band — Billy Gibbons is one of the best guitar players on the planet…..So kids if u really wanna know what a band should sound like — Go to a ZZ top show — these guys are legends….Great coverage he and awsome photos you all have a new fan!

  7. ZZ TOP was AWESOME!! They never stopped rockin and never missed a beat!

  8. Im still talking about it . They rocked the house. Would love to see them again but up close and maybe meet and greet them, now that would be awsome!!!!! I love the photos here they brought me to the front great work!

  9. Wow, awesome weblog layout! Love the site love ZZ Top and wow those photos rock!

  10. Yes, I agree killer show and great coverage here I love the photos!!!

  11. Just found you guys on a Google search. I love the work and well I love ZZ great photos here!

  12. Just as good as when I saw both bands 35 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Show started at 7:00 sharp! Way to go promoter and director. Few shows start on time. All groups put on a great show. Grechen only sang for 35 minutes, but she is great. 3 Doors Down did all their best known tunes, and had the crowd fired up. That band from Texas did all their greats, and played a long time after their first standing ovation. They are not to be missed if you get a chance to see them.

  14. Gretchen Wilson opened the show and put on a great performance. She then went out to the concession area and signed tee shirts for about 30 minutes.

    3 Doors Down followed Gretchen and they killed it, performing a number of their best hits and really exciting the audience,

    ZZ Top was the closing act and while they started slow, the more they played, the better they got and by the end had everyone rocking.

    Favorite moment: Superman by 3 Doors Down

  15. Gretchen was great! Love the Grandma song! 3 Doors Down always rock and fantastic tribute to the soldiers. ZZ Top is timeless! I took my 13 year old and my 6 yr old who had a blast and said it was like hanging out at a bonfire with friends! We had horrible seats but love the music too much to care.

  16. ZZ Tops rocked they are still going strong. 3RD door down two good songs out of their whole set 🙁 , mayb that’s all they have. Gretcha Wilson very surprising and refreshing 🙂

  17. Truly great work here I love ZZ Top those guys can Rock! I will hit the show at Comcast later this year…

  18. Good post!

  19. I am sorry to have missed this show. I have to say your coverage is great and the photos ROCK! I got tickets to the ZZ show at comcast hope to see you there!

  20. Very good post, I cant wait to here the new album!!!!

  21. Can I simply just say Wow great photos I cant wait till this next show with LS!

  22. Spot on with this write-up!

  23. ZZ Top rules I love the photos and the review!

  24. Great Show!

  25. Hey very cool site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful ZZ Top kicks ass! They are so solid in concert!

  26. ZZ Top still has it I love the new CD!!!!

  27. hi!,I like your writing very much! ZZ is the band!

  28. ZZ Top is the best! Great review!

  29. Love the coverage!

  30. Magnificent Photos from you, man. This is really a terrific site.




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