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Anchor and Braille: Quiet Life

Anchor & Braille members, Stephen Christian and Micah Tawlks, started the collaboration by using many songs unreleased from Anberlin, offering more personal tracks, than Anberlin’s delivery. Quiet Life is their second production of their works. Released July 31, 2012 Record label: Tooth and Nail NECR Review: Anchor and Braille leads with drum beats, to open
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Mark Tremonti: All I Was

All I Was brings Tremonti and the band, into a new generation of metal, delivering quality musicianship through years of experience. Vocally, Tremonti is strong, using the full range of his voice, and some interesting production echos. Instrumentally, the band is creative, with innovative timing, well placed solos, and a
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The Villains: Velocity

The Villains: Velocity. The Villains are an upbeat, contemporary rock band with talented artists, well versed in classic rock techniques and country vibes. For this second album, Velocity, they are backed by a powerhouse production team, including Stan Lynch who worked to produce Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and
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