Chris Cornell Says Soundgarden Is Open To Collaborating With Nine Inch Nails Joint Tour

It could happen…

In an interview with Billboard, Chris Cornell said that Soundgarden is open to collaborating with Nine Inch Nails during their joint tour. Here are highlights:

On their busy 2014: “Initially it was going to be nothing, and now it’s pretty full — so that’s good. I think it’s good, too, because when I’m comparing it to previous years of us being Soundgarden, it’s on par with that. We’re out together, playing music.”

On if they will collaborate with NIN: “We tend to be really open and we’ve toured with bands that are and we’ve toured with bands that aren’t, and there’s some bands that totally aren’t set up for that. Some bands have a thing that they have to do, and the idea of a collaboration might open the curtain so people can see behind it. So you never know.”

On a follow-up to their 2012 album King Animal: “When we’re rehearsing, going over songs, we’re always progressing as a band, beyond where we ever were, going to new places, somehow, as a group and understanding who we are and changing things in a natural way as we go. The songs are evolving, we’re evolving, so it’s all very good. (New music) is the easiest thing to say ‘yes’ to, because that’s always happening.”

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