Blink -182 Dogs Eating Dogs



Album Review by Breen

Blink-182 Just kick off their brand new Dogs Eating Dogs EP with the resounding acoustic guitar of “Boxing Day”. 

It’s a compellingly beautiful goodbye song, weaving together some of the band’s best lyrics ever! Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus sound utterly pristine, harmonizing together. Hoppus’s bass swell revs up “Disaster” comprises echoing guitar effects as DeLong chants, “I’m scared of the dark my friends.” It’s one of those songs that makes you want to put in your headphones and completely absorb it. Everything brightens again on the slick rock riffing and percussive roll of “Dogs Eating Dogs”. It’s classic blink-182, but it’s also next level. Dogs Eating Dogs elevates everything fans loved about Neighborhoods to a whole new plateau and, as a result, showcases some of the band’s best songwriting ever.
Then there’s “Pretty Little Girl” which shifts from some ethereal effects into a scorching cameo from YelaWolf. Hearing him rip through a verse mid-song proves to be a welcome surprise. A hint of teenage angst and nostalgia is heard in “When I Was Young” when DeLonge belts out, “It’s the worst damn day of my life. I made a mess today, I’m alright.” The lyrics are attentive and the song is highly relatable, which is the greatest gift music can give a person

Dogs Eating Dogs stands out as the band’s first independent release in 20 years and is the start of the next and best chapter of their career yet. Blink 182 is such an iconic band of the 21st Century. So many bands look up to them and are influenced by their talent. They are extremely fortunate to be one of those few bands that don’t have the capability of getting old. They also never disappoint, and if they do it is a rare occasion. With each new song or record, the band continues to raise the bar, giving fans as well as themselves high expectations. Somehow, they manage to hit the ball out of the park every time.

Check some of the tunes out for your self!