Buckcherry “Confessions”


Buckcherry - Micah Gummel-New England Music News

Based loosely on the Seven Deadly Sins, Josh Todd (vocals), Keith Nelson (guitar), Stevie D. (guitar), Jimmy Ashhurst (bass) and Xavier Muriel (drums), have given us a dose of the devil’s daily temptations. In true Buckcherry tradition, the opening track “Gluttony” is a brilliant song with its expectant opening riffs, fast choruses and lead guitar solos. Ladies and gentlemen rejoice as Buckcherry is back with a brand new studio album titled “Confessions”. The first release from the band in some time “Confessions” features 13 new tracks produced by the band. This is the bands 6th studio album and is the follow release to the bands 2010 album “All Night Long”.

They open up the new album with the in your face rocker “Gluttony”. The song is definitely one of the harder tracks off “Confessions” however it seems that some of the grit and edginess that put the band in the spotlight is missing. The album is a mixture of musical styling’s that range from radio friendly rock tracks like “The Truth” to songs like “Dreamin’ of You” every so often you can catch glimpses of the bands hard rock roots most notably on tracks like “Water” and “Seven Ways to Die”. “Confessions” is a big step for Buckcherry. You can clearly tell the band is either looking to widen their fan base or they have grown out of the sex, drugs and rock and roll scene and want a more mature look and sound. Progression and change can be good as long as it doesn’t alienate your core fans at the same time it is for sure worth the listen!

Track Listing:

1.) Gluttony

2.) Wrath

3.) Nothing Left But Tears

4.) The Truth

5.) Greed

6.) Water

7.) Seven Ways to Die

8.) Air

9.) Sloth

10.) Pride

11.) Envy

12.) Lust

13.) Dreamin’ of You