Mark Wahlberg / Funky Bunch at a benefit for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Mark Wahlberg has been asked to reunite with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch at a benefit for Boston Marathon bombing victims. The Pain & Gain star was the frontman of the hip-hop group before he made it big with acting.

For a while it appeared Mark had turned back on his past. For years he cringed when fans referred to him by the moniker ‘Marky Mark’.Recently the star hinted he had a change of heart and would consider reuniting with the band.According to TMZ, the Boston City Singers are taking him up on his promise.The website reports the youth music group from Mark’s native Dorchester has invited the star and his former bandmates Scott ‘Scottie Gee’ Ross, Hector ‘Hector the Booty Inspector’ Barros, Anthony ‘Ashey Ace’ Thomas and Terry ‘DJ-T’ Yancey to perform at a function this weekend.

‘We would be honoured to join with Mark and the Funky Bunch in a concert to help us all heal from the atrocities of the Boston Marathon terrorists,’ said the group”s director Melissa Graham.Melissa noted the actor’s eponymous Youth Foundation has previously donated funds to the Singers.The event will be held on Saturday at St. Mark’s Church in Boston.