For All You HeadBangers Intöxicated’s debut album, Rock ‘N’ Roll Hellpatro


Today, Hells Headbangers Records/Hammerheart Records announces May 14th as the international release date for Intöxicated’s debut album, Rock ‘N’ Roll Hellpatrol.  Intöxicated are coming to terrorize your town with their Rock N Roll Hellpatrol! Encompassing the entire spectrum of dirty, sleazy metalpunk from ancient times, Intöxicated’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Hellpatrol debut charges forward like a motorcycle out of hell, billowing toxic smoke and violently shaking the foundations of everything it passes on its way to the next party to dominate and destroy. Each song here – whether it’s “Crush Your Local Disco,” “Lock Up Your Daughters,” or the penultimate “Slutanic Speed Metal” – is an anthem of annihilation, a harbinger of hedonism, a manifesto of maximalism: you can’t escape the Rock N Roll Hellpatrol! Tracklisting and cover follow below.


1. Sex Drinks Satan

2. Metal Porno Slut

3. Lock Up Your Daughters

4. Suffering For Löve

5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Hellpatrol

6. Crush Your Local Disco

7. Slutanic Speed Metal

8. Break Your Limits

9. The Chase Is Better Thn The Catch (Mötörhead cover)