New Nine Inch Nails Single Coming This Week?

That’s the rumor…

A new Nine Inch Nails single may almost be upon us. The track will be from the band’s upcoming studio album.

Reznor announced the album recently, revealing that he’d been working on the album with Alan Moulder and Atticus Ross for some time. He has said the album is “finished and frankly f**king great.”

“I think it’s in line with the first two albums,” Worden continues. “It’s got a great beat, it’s not the experimental material [NINE INCH NAILSmainman] Trent’s [Reznor] done in the last five years.” Wordenindicated the song didn’t strike her as angry. Rather the beat is what made an impression. “I wouldn’t say that it’s dance-y, but it does have a great beat, a groove. Trent really brought it with this song. It’s going to sound amazing to new fans and old. It’s just cool.”

Nine Inch Nails will also tour this summer, including appearances at festivals such as Reading & Leeds and Voodoo Fest.

Watch the video for Nine Inch Nails’ ‘The Hand That Feeds’ below: