Megadeth Super Collider CD Review


Throughout Megadeth’s life-span it seems almost every album and or cd they have come out with has been criticized in some regard. “Super Collider” is no different. From some of the comments already seen on social media sites; they have now sold out and this album is mediocre if at best. This is first one out of fourteen studio albums that they have actually gone outside their realm more so. It’s not to say that there aren’t any volatile drums, booming bass and dominant riffs, Mustaine and crew actually tried some diverse effects with Super Collider and for the most part continued to cement Megadeth as a reckoning force in metal.

The fourteen track cd contains eleven new tracks, a live version of “Countdown to Extinction” and two bonus tracks. The first two tracks “Kingmaker” and “Super Collider” come right out and start the madness. They were the first two released off this cd and there has been a mixed reaction thus far. Their long standing Megadeth style is evident with these two songs. Searing guitar work, lightning speed on the drums and roaring bass speaks the Megadeth language. Personally speaking the song “Super Collider” is very well constructed and it grows on you the more you listen.

“Built For War” the fourth track releases the energy from the depths. It smashes you right in the face with over powering drums, screeching guitars and lyrics that make a statement as only Mustaine can deliver.

The track “Dance In the Rain” is marvelous and mind bending. It allures you into the realities of the ever struggling blue collar world. It reflects on working the graveyard shift, how life is always dark in that perspective and how the powers that be affect the working middle class.

‘The Blackest Of Crows” is definitely different. The banjo which is actually a six-string guitar mounted on a banjo body opens up the song and gives a southern kick to the scorching guitars. Not sure what direction they were going with this but it actually works pretty well. “Forget To Remember” seems to have more harmonies than most songs they do, but it sends a message loud and clear that regardless what they do they hit it with forceful impact every time.

Who would have thought Megadeth would go bluesy? Along with a couple other songs, this cd is seductive with a splash of a southern blues feel and it is vastly noticeable with “Don’t Turn Your Back”. The opening streamlined blues riffs with killer metal intentions prove that nothing is out of their bounds.

Many expect more from a band on every cd they do. Megadeth has done extremely well with mostly all of theirs and this cd is not any different. Skeptics will deny it and they will try to dissimilate the fact that Megadeth is even stronger today than ever with their fans and their music. The cd is new territory for them in many areas and it shows that they can be versatile to a certain degree and still keep their dangerous metal style intact. “Super Collider” is definitely viable for an individual’s listening, it’s zesty all the way around. There is one thing that can be surely said, Mustaine always sends a distinct message in everything Megadeth does and he is no way, shape or form afraid to expand on his limitations, he does not succumb to those who doubt him and keeps nailing it harder and faster with every cd.



Dave Mustaine – Vocals, Guitar

Chris Broderick – Guitar, Backup Vocals

Dave Ellefson – Bass

Shawn Drover – Drums



1. Kingmaker

2. Super Collider

3. Burn!

4. Built For War

5. Off The Edge

6. Dance In The Rain

7. Beginning Of Sorrow

8. The Blackest Crow

9. Forget To Remember

10. Don’t Turn Your Back….

11. Cold Sweat

12. All I want (Bonus Track)

13. A House Divided (Bonus Track)

14. Countdown To Extinction (Live)