Pop Evil Has A New Album “Onyx“ It Rocks!

The Michigan boys are back with a new album hitting the streets May 14 this their third studio effort, “Onyx“. The quintet’s sophomore album, “War of Angels” was the best hard rock album of 2011. It was instantly addictive and full of memorable tracks. The first single off this one, “Trenches” seems to pick up where the last record left off. So when Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty said the new album “absolutely destroys” the last one and called it “a statement album,” well NECR is pretty excited to review this album.

For anyone familiar with the modern rock scene, Grand Rapids’ Pop Evil needs no introduction. They have toured with bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Theory of a Deadman, Killswitch Engage and many more! Their sophomore album “War of Angels” was a massive success with their singles “Monster You Made” and “Boss’s Daughter” hitting #11 and #9 on the billboard charts, respectively. Their back and coming with heavy artillery for the follow-up to that album, “Onyx”. The debut single “Trenches” peaked out at #12 on the billboard charts and is probably one of the heaviest tracks on the album. “Onyx” is a dizzying mix of heavy guitars, gritty vocals, and melody like no other. The last album “War of Angels”, was a great album but it just didn’t have the stay-power that “Lipstick on the Mirror” had. However, this new album is quite the opposite. We were incredibly impressed with it and are honored to be able to review it.

“Goodbye My Friend”: The latest single and opening track to the album, this is by far one of my favorites, but that’s not what this is all about. This track is a perfect blend of aggression & angst. It is also a perfect example of the heavier direction that this band can take, not often do we hear screams from this band. However, about mid-way through, we hear a few from vocalist Leigh Kakaty, which are incredibly impressive. This track appears to be about either a betrayal or falling out and walking away from that person.

“Torn to Pieces”: In the ode to their softer songs like “100 in a 55″ and “Monster You Made” we get a slower, more acoustically driven track. The vocals in this one are beautiful and the lyrics bring tears to your eyes. “I’m torn to pieces, I’m broken down. I still see your face when you’re not around. I sit here in misery, wondering if I’ll ever be, half the man you wanted me to be.” Leigh Kakaty sings with such angst in this song and you can hear every bit of emotion in every part of the song. Instrumentally, it’s melancholy; even the drums are sad and slow.

“Welcome to Reality”: This track is a really fun, heavier track. The lyrics seem to be about living in reality, when all you want to do is to live in fantasy. I can see this one being a crowd favorite, if they ever play it on tour. It’s got a really catchy and infectious chorus, as well as a great song flow and structure.

Final Thoughts: Everything has it’s place on this album and, whether you like it or not, Pop Evil has cemented themselves in history with some of the modern hard rock greats with this album. For not really knowing what to expect, we were incredibly pleased with the outcome of this album and we think they did an incredible job on every part. Pick up your copy of “Onyx” on eOne Music on May 14th and find out for yourself what an amazing ride this album is!


Tour dates

Jun 16

Pop Evil featuring Candlelight Red

Wally’s Pub

Hampton, New Hampshire

Jun 19

SOiL Official – Pop Evil

The Rustic Room

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Jun 20

Pop Evil

The Castle Theatre

Bloomington, Illinois

Jun 23

Pop Evilw/ Candlelight Red & Core

Rookies Bar And Grill

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Jun 27

Hollywood Undead featuring Pop Evil / 3 Pill Morning / All Hail the Ye

The Wilma

Missoula, Montana

Jul 2

HOB 20th Anniv. Presents Hollywood Undead

Skyway Theatre

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jul 3

HOB 20th Anniv. Presents Hollywood Undead

House of Blues – Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Jul 7

HOB 20th Anniv. Presents Hollywood Undead

Egyptian Room at Old National Centre

Indianapolis, Indiana

Jul 11

Pop Evil

Victory Theatre

Evansville, Indiana

Jul 12

HOB 20th Anniv. Presents Hollywood Undead

Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theatre

Wallingford, Connecticut

Jul 13

One In The Chamber – Siklid – Pop Evil – Catherine’s X


Toledo, Ohio

Jul 13

HOB 20th Anniv. Presents Hollywood Undead

House of Blues – Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

Jul 14

HOB 20th Anniv. Presents Hollywood Undead

Paramount Theater

Huntington, New York

Jul 18

Romantic Rebel – Pop Evil – SOiL – Drowning Pool – Wayland – Nonpoint – Beyond Threshold – THE LAST VEGAS – Trippin Molly

Winnebago County Fairgrounds

Pecatonica, Illinois

Jul 21

Drowning Pool & Pop Evil

Pop’s Nightclub

East Saint Louis, Illinois

Jul 28

100.3 The X Presents: Pop Evil

Knitting Factory Concert House

Boise, Idaho

Jul 30

Pop Evil & Drowning Pool

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Aug 1

Pop Evil with Drowning Pool / Gemini Syndrome / Era 9

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Aug 2

Pop Evil with Drowning Pool / Gemini Syndrome / Era 9

Summit Music Hall

Denver, Colorado

Aug 10

Dirt Fest 2013

Birch Run Expo Center

Birch Run, Michigan