Steven Tyler Talks Solo Album…

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently revealed plans to work on his first solo album in the new year, and now he’s sharing a few more details about the project.

“I’m just doing a solo record ’cause I think it’s fuckin’ kinky to go write a song with Johnny Depp,” Tyler tells Billboard. “I think it’s fuckin’ ridiculous to go write a bunch of songs I started five years ago and never finished. It feeds my passion. I like traveling all over the place and writing songs and seeing what we catch. It’s kind of like driftnetting for songs, right. But, no, the band’s not breaking up. Me doing a solo record doesn’t mean the band isn’t working on a record — but I get that in the press one has to hear that from one lead singer of one Aerosmith.”

The group has summer and early fall dates booked in the U.S., Japan, South America and Mexico, while Tyler says “everyone is collecting their marbles” to start working on new material and predicts “we’re gonna be working on the new Aerosmith record” in the near future.

In the past month, Tyler and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Hollywood Bowl Hall Of Fame –