Ghost B.C. Hint at Releasing More Covers Featuring Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl, known for his collaborations, played drums on Ghost B.C.‘s recent cover of ABBA’s ‘I’m a Marionette.’ But things apparently didn’t start or stop there, as Grohl and the band worked on other covers which should see the light of day by the end of the year.

A Nameless Ghoul conducted an interview with Riff-Mag (excerpted by Metal Insider) at Hellfest 2013 and talked about taking songs and covering them, turning them upside down and being playful with them.

He indicated that there were more covers in the vault, saying they recorded more than one this time out and that “there are a few more sort of lying around” in relation to Grohl-assisted covers. What songs Grohl recorded with them are also unknown at this point.

How they are released and in what format is unconfirmed, but this is Ghost B.C. we’re talking about and they tend to be wrapped in an enigma that’s shrouded in mystery. The Nameless one did say it will be a purposeful release with an angle, and it could be offered as part of an EP or as a single.

You can listen to the interview below. You’ll hear the details about the covers at the 9:02 mark and beyond, so scroll ahead if you are so inclined.