Chickenfoot Have Two More Albums In Them

Members Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony (both ex-Van Halen), Joe Satriani and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) have, to date, recorded two top ten albums (2009′s Chickenfoot and 2011′s Chickenfoot III) and would love to record some more…if they could only find the time.

Guitarist Satriani recently talked to Guitar International on a variety of subjects, including the band, telling them “All I can tell you is that we had a pretty tasty dinner the other night, Chad Smith, Sammy Hagar, and myself. We were at El Paseo, of course, at Sam’s restaurant.

We were having a good time and I think we came to the realization is that it would be really hard to find some time in the next nine months to do a record. But we are committed to figuring it out.”

As far as the long-term prognosis for the band, “I believe there are at least one or two more albums in us as a unit, but finding the time and the city where we can all get together for five days, that’s going to be the trick. We’re working on it right now. Sam’s focused on his new album, I’m right in the middle of my touring cycle, and I think Chad still has a bunch of big shows with the Chili Peppers that he’s got to get to every few months.”