Slash launching film producing career with new horror film

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Slash says everything about filmmaking is exciting to him.

The rocker is making his debut as a movie producer with the new film, “Nothing Left To Fear.”

He tells “Rolling Stone” he’s had “a passion” for movies – and especially horror films – his entire life, so he’s thrilled to now be producing a horror film.  And he adds that seeing “Nothing Left To Fear” hit the big screen doesn’t mark the end of his efforts.  Slash says he’s already “hunting down” the story for his next film.

“Nothing Left To Fear” tells the story of a minister who brings his family to the small Midwestern town of Stull, Kansas.  He believes he was asked to replace the retiring minister, but the situation turns out to be much more sinister.

The film is based on the actual folklore of Stull, Kansas being one of the gateways to Hell. In addition to producing the film Slash also co-wrote the score and the end theme song.

“Nothing Left To Fear” stars Anne Heche and Clancy Brown.  The movie opens in a limited release Friday.  The film arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on October 8th.