Ex-Pixies bassist Kim Shattuck opens up about firing


Former Pixies bassist Kim Shattuck is opening up about her abrupt dismissal.  Shattuck – who also fronts the band the Muffs – parted ways with the group at the end of last month after coming on board in July.

She says in a new interview with “NME” that the summer tour in Europe seemed to go well, and both the fans and the critics seemed to like the new Pixies lineup.  But the day after they all flew home, Shattuck got a call from the band’s manager letting her know that they had decided to go with another bass player.  She says she was shocked by the news, but now speculates that she may have simply been a little too extroverted for the Pixies.

At a concert in Los Angeles, Shattuck remembers enthusiastically jumping into the crowd, and then being told by the band’s manager after the gig that “the Pixies don’t do that.”

Still, Shattuck isn’t holding any grudges.  She would have preferred it if the band members talked to her face-to-face about the issues, but she says they’re all nice people and insists she’s still a Pixies fan.

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