Fun. release free live EP & ‘new old’ song check it out!


Fun. frontman Nate Ruess is sharing his gratitude and some new music.  The singer posted a letter to the band’s website Wednesday that included a free live EP featuring a new song called “What the F***.”

Ruess clarifies that the track is actually a “new old song,” and says it’s nice to see it “finally catch an official light of day.”  The rest of the six-track EP – dubbed “Before Shane Went to Bangkok: fun. Live in the USA” – features hits and album cuts recorded during the band’s Most Nights tour.

The trek kept the guys busy for the past two years, and Ruess says he thought he’d be ecstatic to get home and take a break from the road.  But instead, he says he’s already getting “that itch,” adding that he misses seeing the fans every night.

Ruess didn’t share many details about fun.’s upcoming plans, although he did tell fans to “rest up” because the band will probably be out and about again “before you know it.”  He also notes that “Before Shane Went to Bangkok” will be released on vinyl early next year.  Fans can get pre-order information now at

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