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Of Mice and Men – Restoring Force Review

Review by Kelly O Restoring Force is the third studio record by Of Mice and Men and it is yet another rebirth, reinvention or reincarnation of the band. This is nothing new to fans of the band, who will likely be divided when it comes to the band’s latest offering. This
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Madonna Confirms She’s Working on Her Next Album

Speaking to The Canadian Press, Madonna revealed that she has started to work on her next album. She was recently in Toronto to open her latest Hard Candy gym. It was her first visit to Toronto since she was apparently banned from the city in 1990 for refusing police orders
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Pop Evil Complete Video Trilogy With ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Pop Evil Complete Video Trilogy With ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Pop Evil are wrapping up their video trilogy with ‘Behind Closed Doors,’ the third clip directed by Johan Carlen. Within the scope of the trilogy, the video is actually meant to be the first portion of a story that has been told in reverse, starting with ‘Trenches’ and ‘Deal With the Devil.’ All three songs appear on the band’s 2013 album ‘Onyx.’
In this video, the band is seen performing inside a small apartment, while next door a tormented woman takes out her aggressions while trashing her own living space. Viewers get to see the footage in both apartments as the camera peers in from outside windows and above.
The track, which deals with the agonies that come to light when no one else is looking, hits home with the chorus, “Behind closed doors / There’s never any light” as well as the passage, “The doors close so no one outside hears / But I know the sound of your worst fear.”
As mentioned, ‘Behind Close Doors’ follows the chart-topping singles ‘Trenches’ and ‘Deal With the Devil.’ Look for Pop Evil continuing their ‘Onyx’ album support this month on shows with Stone Sour and Stolen Babies. Dates can be seen here.




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