Meet The Band Premium Death Trap


Review by Cheryl Trudeau 

Members: Chad Vincent-Guitar

Freddy Boehm-Drums

Ray McNeill-Bass

Greg Kosnoski-Vocals

There’s nothing better than discovering a “well-kept secret’. It’s even more poignant when it’s been right under your nose all the time. That pretty much sums up my revelation when presented with a sampling of “Premium DeathTraps” downloads.

The “home grown” talents of Chad Vincent, Freddy Boehm, Ray McNeill, and Greg Kosnoski provide the framework for PDT- a metal band that has been gracing establishments such as Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA. and The Met in Pawtucket, RI to name a few. I sought out the bands Facebook page before giving a listen and was immediately struck by the originality of their profile-

Genre-“The only one that matters”

Short Description-“Thrash metal for short attention spans”

Long Description-“You’ll hear for yourselves”

And that I certainly did. I openly admit that I am far from a metal aficionada. However, I appreciate great music and talent when I hear it; regardless of the genre. So I settled in to listen to “Hide Your Dreams” and felt that immediate pulsation of Freddy Boehm’s drums and the bass playing of Ray McNeill-that steady, thunderous beat that has become apropos when I hear metal. Now enter the guitar talents of Chad Vincent and vocals of Greg Kosnoski, and I really like what I’m hearing. And yes-I can understand the lyrics! I can hear smooth, solid vocals accompanied by very talented musicians. Definitely not what I was expecting-no throaty screams; no overpowering drumming-everything comes together perfectly. But believe me-metal fans will not be disappointed my any means. PDT offers everything metal fans look for-aggressive lyrics and hard-hitting sound but I think it would be a disservice to the band to pigeon-hole them into one particular genre. They are truly talented musicians that offer a unique, yet ironically familiar style that is exclusive to them.

Check out the bands Facebook page to stay up to date on their scheduled performances and give them a listen-you’ll be glad you did.


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