Defying Decay Release 2nd Single ”Judas Kiss” off upcoming album ‘Metamorphosis’

‘Judas Kiss’ is the second single release from the upcoming ‘Metamorphosis’ album by DEFYING DECAY. The metal band hailing from Bangkok, Thailand is known for their heavy and melodic sound, employing ambient electronics and soaring melodies creating aunique dynamic of genres and sounds.

The video is a visceral abstraction of a Metamorphosis, the transformation of matter to a hybrid consciousness. The visuals feature excerpts from a critically acclaimed, multiple award-winning short film APEX. The film, directed by Stuart Birchall, was executive produced by vocalist  ‘Jay’ PoomEuarchukiati . Stuart and Jay have worked on a number of short conceptual films together. 

The duo share an affinity for the arts, anime and science fiction. Jay was keen to work with filmmaker Stuart after following his ongoing work with Architects, Kerrang! winning-work with Bring Me The Horizon, and a series of films with Bullet For My Valentine.