Jeremy Edge Releases New Single and Video For Firedancer

Former Candlelight Red guitarist Jeremy Edge is quickly establishing himself as an axe slinging guitarist/singer, stretching his musical horizons beyond hard rock and metal. Deko Entertainment (ADA/Warner Music Group) has just released his new release, The Jeremy Edge Project, which features guest performances by Brandon Yeagley (Crobot), Brett Hestla (Dark New Day), and master blues guitarist Josh Smith. It is available for streaming and download, as well as all major outlets on both CD and Limited Edition Vinyl.

The album features 9 tracks – varying from bluesy and soulful ballads to in your face rock grooves with blazing guitar. He has just released a video for the lead off track on the record “Firedancer”, which already has people taken notice of this blistering track.

Jeremy had this to say about the new video, “Firedancer was a fun video to make. We wanted to add some of the psychedelic effects of the “Beat Club” era but not make something that was completely retro. This is the first time any of us had ever performed in front of a “green screen” so it was one of things where you really had to use your imagination and just get dropped into the song. We also featured an old vintage Sennheiser microphone in the video that was left to me by dad. I think it’s probably from the late fifties? Aside from the performance stuff, some friends of mine had years ago turned me on to how cool “Poi” was and I thought something kinda like that was the perfect fit for this song. The Director, Wade Spencer did a great job combining those elements.”

Track list:

  • Firedancer Intro
  • Firedancer
  • Hot Lava [Featuring Brandon Yeagley of Crobot]
  • Sing My Blues [Featuring Brandon Yeagley of Crobot]
  • Breath Holding In [Featuring Brett Hestla]
  • Lies [Featuring Josh Smith & Brandon Yeagley of Crobot]
  • Indifferent [Featuring Brett Hestla]
  • Outlive Yesterday [Featuring Brett Hestla]
  • Sunrise

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