Hella Mega Tour in Two Weeks

Thank God concerts are finally coming back! Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer are coming to Fenway on August 5th, and this’ll be my first live concert in a long long time. The Hella Mega Tour was postponed, of course because of Covid, from 2020. It’s finally here.

I’m fully vaxxed, and ready to get the hell out of this house! The most musically inclined thing I’ve done in the past year is destroy my kids at Beat Saber. (that’s right kids, I went there)

I went to the tour site to grab my tickets, but was greeted with a dreaded “sold out” button. Don’t worry, it’s some kind of glitch. If you click through that you can still get tickets. The good seats are going quick, so be sure to get there soon.

Want to start listening to some new music? Green day has a new single, Polyanna, that’s amazing. I’ve said before how I think these guys just keep cranking out great music, and that hasn’t stopped. Meanwhile, Weezer has already released two albums (!) in 2021. I guess if you lock a band in a room for the duration of the pandemic they can get a lot of stuff done. The most recent album Van Weezer is their take on hard rock, according to all the press. I doesn’t quite reach the Slayer level of hardness (that I called for here), but it definitely pays homage to 80’s metal. The End of the Game is clearly an homage to Eddie Van Halen.

You can see the tour schedule and link off to buy tickets on the tour’s web page at https://hellamegatour.com/.