Anti-Flag Heading Out on North American Tour

Punk rockers Anti-Flag are heading out on a North American headline tour in support of their upcoming studio album ‘Lies They Tell Our Children’ – which will see a January 6, 2023 release on Spinefarm Records (Universal).

The Pittsburgh-born outfit has more than three decades of iconoclasm under their belts, and their next full-length effort already boasts some of their most pointed and well crafted salvos to date, including The Fight of Our Lives (feat. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against), Laugh, Cry, Smile, Die (feat. Shane Told of Silverstein), and the latest single Imperialism (feat. Ashrita Kumar of Pinkshift).

A staple of the band’s annual touring schedule for years, Anti-Flag is bringing their Anti-Fest on the road in 2022 – including Boston, MA on September 17th. There are two shows, the early show is at 4pm and the late show starts at 9pm.

Please visit to find details for your date, as the lineup for each installment of the event across six different cities will differ from one another.