Marketing/Editorial/Operations Internship


ABOUT New England Concert Reviews

New England Concert Reviews (NECR) is one of the leading sources of music news and concert information in the New England region. Updated daily, NECR provides readers with news, features, interviews, concert reviews, photo galleries and much more. Readers can find all the latest information on all genres of music – from rock to country and hip-hop to blues – on the national and local levels.

Our goal is simple: to create a collaborative partnership with the artists and management and capture the excitement of music history as it unfolds throughout New England.


  • As photographers: We aim to capture that perfect image, that iconic shot when the musician, lights, camera and photographer, all come together in a ‘moment.’ Part of our mission is to preserve these great moments. Our photographers spend their lives covering great moments in music; each of our photographs speaks in its own voice. loud, defiant, quiet, unassuming. it should be simple, but we know it isn’t.  That’s why we created this site.
  • As writers: We love music of all genres. both the recorded works and raw energy of the show are inspiring to us. Through in-depth research on the artist, integration of music knowledge and detailed documentation as the event unfolds, our comprehensive articles of live concerts recreate the experience for the reader this is why our readers love us.


Internship Overview

Over the past 4 years, the NECR team has grown to include dozens of photographers shooting and reviewing hundreds of concerts annually, as well as a radio station and video interviews with bands.


The internship is an ideal opportunity for someone interested in:

  • Exposure to the workings of the live music industry
  • Tickets and press credentials for select concerts
  • Building relationships with bands and publicists
  • Running an online media site


Responsibilities include:

  • Staying up to date with the latest music news for New England
  • Posting music industry news using WordPress
  • Coordinating with bands’ publicists for photo passes
  • Coordinating and working with photographers
  • Coordinating and working with writers


Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hrs/week


Compensation: The site not for profit / all-volunteer effort. This is an unpaid internship opportunity.






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