Baroness at the Royale

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci

Galleries: Baroness, Dropdead, Imperial Triumphant

Last week, the Royale, a renowned music venue known for its balance of attracting big names while maintaining an intimate atmosphere, hosted Baroness in celebration of their sixth album, “Stone.”

There were two opening acts that night, the first being a band called Imperial Triumphant. They did a pretty good job interacting with the crowd, at one point popping a bottle of champagne and pouring it down the throats of the front row. Another time taking a stroll through the crowd. Their performance, characterized by lengthy riffs, had a unique metal fusion flair that energized the audience early in the night.

Following was the hardcore punk band Dropdead, and I loved these guys. Led by frontman Bob Otis, they delivered a high-octane set, marked by fast-paced songs and an energetic stage presence. Otis, not shy about his political views, touched upon topics like abortion and animal rights, echoing the band’s song themes. Their set concluded powerfully with “At The Cost of an Animal.”

The climax of the evening was Baroness, the main act that the audience was waiting for. They delivered a dynamic performance, blending new tracks from “Stone” like “Last Word” with their classic hits. The audience was particularly enthusiastic for “Take My Bones Away,” which marked the end of their set. Their lively stage presence made photographing them a delight. You should definitely see Baroness live for a truly memorable musical experience.



Imperial Triumphant