Corey Taylor, Wargasm, and Oxymorron at the House of Blues

Photos and Review by Jim LaValley

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Corey Taylor’s CMF 2 Tour stopped by the Citizen’s House of Blues in Boston with Oxymorron and Wargasm as supporting acts.

As you walked into the House of Blues there was a raffle table setup to raffle off various music memorabilia to support the Taylor Foundation, which is a project Corey Taylor has built to support military veterans and emergency personnel living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While each band was getting ready for their set, various raffle winners were announced and Corey Taylor made a couple of appearances on stage before his set.

First up was Oxymorrons, an American rap rock band from Queens, New York, consisting of vocalist Demi “Deee” and brother Kami “KI”, drummer Matty Mayz, and vocalist/guitarist/bassist Jafe Paulino. Oxymorrons came out to “Enemy” with incredible energy and sound. The vocals had cool twists from rapping to great vocals paired with nasty riffs from Jafe and perfect tempos from Matty. What a way to start the show, you could feel the energy when they hit the stage, with an explosive entrance!! Next, they went into “Green Vision” which has some catchy rapping that blends into strong vocals, both Deee and KI were masterful, I loved it!! The first time I heard the Oxymorrons was on SiriusXM Octane with Jose Mangin and I thought they were awesome. They also performed their powerful song “Definition” featuring Jason Aalon of Fever 333 which contains numerous vocal hooks that contains incredible energy, and they killed it!!

I totally enjoyed the Oxymorrons and hope to hear more from them in the future. After their performance I was able to speak to the Matty to give him kudos, you could tell they were having fun.

Next up was Wargasm that came out to “Super Fiend”, which was another explosive entrance to the stage that blew the fans away. They were a different kind of band that I haven’t seen before consisting of Milkie Way and Sam Matlock that had unique back and forth vocals that totally rocked and they have been labeled the next wave of Nu Metal!! Milkie Way was sporting a Red Sox jersey during their set which helps set the tone in Boston, especially when this was the second night with the Yankees in town (Fenway Park is directly across the street). When they went into “Do It So Good”, they just let loose on stage with their back-and-forth vocals and theatrical movements that transferred into energy that the crowd definitely absorbed.

Wargasm has had a great past couple of years taking home “Best UK Breakthrough” at the Heavy Music Awards in 2021 and have since released their debut full-length release, Explicit: The Mixxxtape on September 9, 2022. You could feel the bands momentum as they ripped through their set ending their set with “Spit”. Corey Taylor put together an exceptional line up on music that paired well with his style.

Corey Taylor hit the stage with his new hit from CMF2 “Post Traumatic Blues”, which is just an amazing tune that is heavy and loaded with various hooks and solos and was the heaviest intro of the night. With 15 studio albums with Slipknot, Stone Sour, and under his solo band CMF, Corey Taylor is a legend that has put on so many kick ass performances throughout his career. During the next tune Stone Sour’s “Tumult” while I was photographing him where he stopped in front of the stage and just started whipping his head up and down thrashing it to the music, classic Corey Taylor right there. He was in the groove and you could tell because everyone in the audience could feel each song as he sang, he is an incredible front man.

The whole night was packed with fun, Corey Taylor is such a veteran on working the crowd and getting the fans into each tune. Corey’s band was made up of fantastic musicians that were really tight. Zach Throne on guitar, Christian Martucci on guitar, Eliot Lorango on bass guitar, and Dustin Robert on drums were up to the task of playing these iconic tunes. When they played “Before I Forget” it was such a treat because they were so tight it literally sounded like you were at a Slipknot show, impeccable execution. So much fun when Corey gets into Spongebob Squarepants, the crowd truly loves it!! Corey also played Stone Sour’s “Bother” and “Through Glass” which demonstrates how versatile and strong his voice truly is.

They ended the night with Slipknot’s “Duality” and a cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” which left the fans wanting more CMFT!! Be sure to check out this tour as it makes it way around because it truly was a night of killer music!!

Corey Taylor