Flogging Molly and The Interrupters at the Leader Bank Pavilion – Boston

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci

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Flogging Molly and The Interrupters played the Leader Bank Pavilion last Friday to a packed summer crowd. This is the best time of the year to see a show at the Pavilion. It was a nice warm summer night with a cool breeze coming off the water. Great time to kick back, grab a beer, and listen to some great music. Dave King certainly thought so.

This is the second time I’ve seen the Interrupters in concert. The first time was at last year’s Hella Mega Tour with Green Day and Weezer. That was actually my introduction to the band. Since then, I’ve been playing them so much, that I think I’m wearing out their Spotify tracks. Luckily they are coming out with some new ones on August 5th with the new album In The Wild. You can listen to the prerelease track In The Mirror on Youtube now. Last Friday, they played that and Jailbird off the new album, the rest was from their back catalog. I love the new tracks, so I’m guessing the album is going to be spectacular. Make sure to check it out.

The Interrupters always put on a great, high-energy show. Lead Aimee Allen (Interrupter) gets right in your face as she belts out their Ska-punk lyrics. If you can check them out live, you definitely should.

Flogging Molly was up next, and this is my second time shooting these guys too. While waiting for the band to come on, I ran into a couple of friends that are crazy die hard Flogging Molly fans. They went on the Flogging Molly Cruise this year for the 4th time!! It sounds like a lot of fun.

So Dave King is 60, he pointed this out several times. However, he is not slowing down at all. Even after just recently coming back from Covid, he still runs around the stage and works the crowd just as he always did. Make sure you check out the gallery. It’s really fun watching the band on stage, mainly because it looks like they are having a ton of fun being on stage.

Flogging Molly is also coming out with a new album called Anthem, due out September 9th. They played a new track from the album, Croppy Boy, that you can listen to on Youtube.

On top of that, they played a bunch of my favorites including Drunken Lullabies, Devil’s Dance Floor, and If I Ever Leave This World Alive.

It was a great summer night of punk at the Pavilion. You can check out the rest of the summer schedule here.

Flogging Molly

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