Get The LED Out State Theater Portland, ME January 26th, 2024

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer


Get The LED Out (GTLO), the extremely popular, touring Led Zeppelin tribute band, filled the State Theater in Portland ME Friday night, January 26th.

Far more than a cover band, GTLO is a group of accomplished musicians who pay tribute to one of the best rock bands to have ever performed. The six-member band is more about
recreating the music than imitation and creates a wonderful musical experience for fans of the legendary Led Zeppelin as well as their ownlegion of followers.

Lead singer/front man Paul Sinclair performs the vocals as well as covering any harmonica parts. He fills the front man role perfectly including utilizing the mic and stand to add to his
motion on stage. Guitarist, Paul Hammond, covered the stage from one side to the other playing to the audience during his many solos and lead parts including use of a bow in place of a pick and a brief time atthe Theremin. Derrick Smith on drums did not let anyone down performing an incredible drum solo during Moby Dick which lasted, I would estimate, 10 minutes minimum but kept the crowd interested throughout the entire solo.

The members all have their own moments to shine throughout the performance each having a mastery of both their instrument(s) as well as the vast catalogue LED Zeppelin. On this evening, songs from the earlier albums were performed as well as some later ones, providing a good cross-section of the legendary catalogue.

A great evening providing a live experience that really had you wanting to pull out the vinyl. A show worth adding to your show list while they are in the area.