Korn at the XFinity Center

Photos and Review by Robert McDonald

Korn returned to Massachusetts on Friday, and it wasn’t just their performance that electrified the crowd.  A powerful thunderstorm rolled through Central Massachusetts, delaying doors open for two hours and removing one of the opening acts from the bill to make up for the time.  Once the skies had cleared, the weary fans who braved the storm and traffic to attend were rewarded with an experience like none other.

Due to the weather and the traffic, I was late and missed the opening, Palaye Royale, who started playing once the doors were opened.  I arrived just in time to see Evanescence kick off with their first song, “Broken Pieces Shine”, with drummer Will Hunt, setting the tempo for the night with the song’s driving drumbeat.  Above and behind him, Amy Lee appeared in silhouette striking her signature pose and proving that she has not lost one ounce of her vocal prowess after 20 years of performing.

Evanescence used a wide stage with plenty of open space to highlight each of the performers. The three-tiered setup accommodated Lee as she made her way around the stage with relentless energy and grace.  As always, the band was tight and Lee captivated the venue with her siren-esque vocals belting out hits including “Going Under,” “Call Me When You’re Sober,” “Bring Me to Life,” and “My Immortal.”  The set concluded with Amy rightly fully at the piano for an inspired version of “My Immortal” and ended on a note of hope with “Blind Belief.”

Between sets, a unique LED screen was curiously framed in front of the stage for Korn, but when they took the stage it was obvious why it was there.  This screen in combination with another LED wall behind them made for the most immersive visual concert experience I have seen. The semi-transparent front screen displayed dynamic and abstract animations while the band performed behind it for the first two songs, “Rotting in Vain” and “A.D.I.D.A.S.”.  After that, the screen was raised putting the band in clear view of the rabid crowd, who were already standing and remained that way throughout the night.  The front LED screen transitioned up and down throughout the night working seamlessly with the rear screen to visually enhance each and every song.

Despite the weather delays, the band seemed fresh and energized and the setlist was solid and left no one wanting. Davis’ vocals were strong and flawless, especially his performance of “Alone I Break” celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album Untouchables.

Their set concluded with a 3-song encore starting with “Shoots and Ladders” with a snippet from Metallica’s “One” and concluding with Amy Lee’s return to the stage to harmonize with Davis on their anthem “Freak on a Leash.”  The crowd was thanked and wished a safe journey home as they reluctantly proceeded towards the exits reminiscing joyfully on the night’s experience.