Melissa Etheridge at the Hampton Casino Ballroom

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer

Melissa Etheridge’s show at the Hampton Casino Ballroom Wednesday night was a mix of her greatest hits and a sprinkling of lesser played but no less fan loved songs from her catalog. None of Melissa Etheridge’s shows would feel complete without the inclusion of a few essential songs: “Bring Me Some Water,” “Chrome Plated Heart,” “Come to My Window,” and her traditional encore, “Like the Way I Do.” The encore, featuring a duet between Melissa herself and drummer Eric Gardner on the drums, is an expected highlight, and the crowd would likely be disappointed if it were not the concluding song of the performance.

This tour introduced a new bassist to Melissa’s touring band with Joe Ayoub filling that role. Max Hart returned as a mutli-instrumentalist (keyboard, guitar) completing the ensemble.

The moment the band came to the stage the entire room stood up and remained standing through much of the 2 hour show with singing, dancing and no lack of encouragement for the performers.

In addition to her music, several beautiful guitars were utilized with there being many guitar changes throughout the evening. Gretch, Gibson, and of course her signature Ovation acoustics all made an appearance among the many instruments providing their unique sound in Melissa’s skilled hands.

Melissa never disappoints both in the musical performance as well as her unique ability to pull the audience in creating a welcoming, party type vibe to any venue.

The crowd left anticipating when Melissa and the band would return for another wonderful evening of her music.