Otherwise at the RISE ABOVE Fest 2012

Meadowbrook Pavilion, Gilford, NH
September 3, 2012
Review by Bridgette
Photos by Micah Gummel.
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From Las Vegas, Nevada, brother to brother, the band, “Otherwise,” stands loyal with their fans, and uses powerful music to create real tribute emotions and an appreciation for life by the witnessing crowd. Adrian Patrick is an entity to be reckoned with, as he embodies vocal courage, side by side with his brother, guitarist, Ryan Patrick.  They call themselves, a ‘five man army,’ rounded out by drummer, Dave McMahan, bassist, Ivan, and guitarist, Jason Juadines. Otherwise have been named the “#1 unsigned act in America” by FOX News, and the “#1 unsigned band in Las Vegas” by  Xtreme Rock Radio 107.5.
Meet Otherwise:
Adrian Patrick – Lead Vocals
Ryan Patrick – Guitar/Vocals
Corky Gainsford- Drums/Vocals
Vassilios Metropoulos – Bass/Vocals
Jason Juadines- Guitar/Vocals

“Otherwise ~ True Love Never Dies”

When their stage sign dropped to form a back screen displaying the title of their new album,  there were ‘whoas’ rumbling through the crowd. Some fans pointed to the stage and cheered.
Editor’s Note:
I had not heard this band before, so I settled in with my notebook and pen, ready to discover a new sound, even though I had already been happily entertained by the prior performances. Little did I know, the humming anticipation of the crowd, was a foreshadowing of what was to come. I am a busy lady and I’ve enjoyed many a good rock show, including old school Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the 2007 reunion of Led Zeppelin in London. I knew the bands here were quality acts, but I was not at all expecting the power and control that this Vegas band, “Otherwise,” projected today. By the end of this set, I have to admit, I was not the same as I was, when I walked into the Pavilion doors this morning.
Otherwise  kicked up the volume so loud that the seats weres shaking and the floor trembled. They blared out, “Die For You.” The strength of lead vocalist, Adrian Patrick, commanded immediate and full attention from everyone in the venue.  His intense contact with the crowd, massive capacity for power screams, while using controlled vocals, instantly captivated. His presence was fired up even more, by moving around various parts of the stage, in a superhero like climb.
There was a driving intensity from all band members behind this performance, that made it a massive invitation to dig deep into whatever you had, and lay it on the rock table. The second song in their set was dedicated to a woman named,  “Monique.” It was called, “Lighthouse” “I want you by my side, there’s something about the way you move …” It was something about the way OTHERWISE moved, that had this crowd psyched into a frenzy. Metal screams to controlled vocals, arms in straight out – vertical and horizontal lines – “take away the pain,” indeed.  It’s time to be who you are, right here and now. This is the power of music, to speak the unspeakable. The fans rose up to embrace it.
The band wanted to be with the crowd, just as much as they were reaching out to them. Adrian Patrick said,
“We want to party with all you people after the show. We’re gonna walk around, get some drinks, and party with all of you fine people!”
This band has fantastic stage presence. They had the timing, star quality, fast paced visual act down, but it was real and accessible to anyone in the audience. Adrian Patrick announced “Vegas Girl” was a song “all about ex-girlfriends in your life.” He introduced his little brother, Ryan on guitar. Ryan completed a tearing solo, and then  all at once, Adrian said, “PUT YOUR FISTS IN THE AIR!” At this point in the set, Otherwise commanded the Pavilion. Everyone, I mean everyone, was up on their feet, with fists in the air. We were rockin and ready, to bring it all home.
“From the ashes of a burning bed,” Corky Gainsford’s drums and Vassilios Metropoulos’ bass were jamming together with great cohesion. Adrian was pointing at each individual fan in the pit, raising them up, “You guys ready for some rock n roll?!” He named all the bands that would be there tonight. “I Don’t Apologize” escalated the crowd to another level, as the mosh pit filled up. Adrian Patrick made skipping around the stage look cool, “took 1, 000 pictures, just to watch them burn …”

Otherwise at the RISE ABOVE Fest, 2012

“Everyone put their middle fingers up! Someone says you can’t accomplish your dreams, put your middle finger up Gilford, and say, F* YOU!”  This is the point where I dropped my pen. It’s hard to write and hold a pen with your middle finger up – and impossible to write with BOTH of your middle fingers up. The crowd was chanting  over and over.  “F* YOU – I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!” He punched into the air and lead our defiance. “Is Rock n Roll DEAD?” “F* NO!”
Once a band breaks the crowd down to the core of the real, let’s them belt out their anger and fiercely defend their autonomy, the other side of this is connection, and a renewed loyalty – to who you are and what’s important.
“Thank you, to all of you people who make sure that rock n roll isn’t’ dead! And THANK YOU, to our military personnel in attendance now! Thank you, for keeping rock ALIVE! We came a long way to be on a stage like this, now we are hanging with you all, singing rock music, drinking beers and looking at hot chicks …”
During their last song, “Soldiers,” Otherwise, as a band of brothers, honored the courage and the pain, the commitment – of our military personnel. Duets broke out within the band around the mics, “We stand soldier to soldier.” Pounding their chests when they said, “soldier,” everyone rose up with incredible life affirming energy. Corky Gainsford, the drummer, took a photo of the crowd. His drum phrases sounded like a military march during this song. “Whoa- ohohoh,” Adrian lead the crowd in response.
“We came all the way from Nevada and you are F* beautiful!” Ryan threw pics into the crowd and sometimes handed them to people who missed the catch. Just this one gesture of attentiveness said so much about the philosophy of this band.
Otherwise Set List:
Die For You
Vegas Girl
Silence Reigns
I Don’t Apologize