Shawn Colvin and KT Tunstall at the Greenwich Odeum

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci


Shawn Colvin and KT Tunstall recently performed at the Greenwich Odeum during their joint tour. This was my first experience photographing at the Odeum, and I liked the venue quite a lot. It strikes a perfect balance in size; large enough to draw notable performers, yet intimate enough to ensure there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Even from the back row, where I was taking photos, the view was excellent.

These two are pretty far afield of my usual metal and punk fare. However, Spotify chose to put KT on my recommend list and I started listening. I’ve written before how cool I think this is. Some algorithm somewhere takes what you are listening to, compares it with others, and introduces you to something you’ve never heard before. Spotify was correct. I started playing her stuff a ton from then on.

Although each played songs from their own catalogs, there were not 2 sets. They both came on together and played more or less alternating catalog selections together. In between songs, there was plenty of banter and interesting stories. You can tell these two really admire and get along well with each other. I think it makes for a much better show when the performers themselves are having a great time, and that was the case here.

There was no other band besides these two, and they didn’t need it. KT first came to fame on the BBC live music show “Later… with Jools Holland,” playing “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” When I first heard the song, I really thought she had a band behind her. Nope, just her and a sampling pedal. At one point Shawn joked: “Let me introduce the band to you guys: KT Tunstall!”

They are doing several shows in the area in the next few months. You should definitely check them out.