Steel Panther at Palladium, Worcester

Photos and review by Robert McDonald

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Sunday night, Worcester’s The Palladium witnessed a true heavy metal spectacle with Steel Panther headlining a stacked bill, including opening acts Crobot and Tragedy. The night began with an explosive set from the opening band Tragedy, a New York City-based tribute band that reimagines classic disco hits as heavy metal anthems. Despite the unusual combination of genres, the band’s performance was a hit with the crowd, who were dancing and headbanging along to hits like “Stayin’ Alive” and “I Will Survive.” The band’s performance was vibrant and fun, setting the perfect tone for the evening.

Following Tragedy’s performance, Crobot took the stage, and it was immediately apparent that the band was here to deliver a serious dose of rock n’ roll. The crowd was electrified by the band’s energy, as they poured out their hearts and souls into every song. Frontman Brandon Yeagley commanded the stage with his soulful vocals and charismatic presence, captivating the audience with his every move. Meanwhile, guitarist Chris Bishop shredded through blistering solos that had the crowd cheering and begging for more. Bassist Tim Peugh and drummer Dan Ryan provided a rock-solid rhythm section, keeping the audience bouncing along to every beat and adding depth to the band’s sound. Together, Crobot delivered a performance that left the crowd wanting more and solidified their place as a must-see live act.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd roared with excitement as they eagerly awaited Steel Panther’s performance. The band took to the stage with high energy and delivered an unforgettable performance. The set included fan-favorites like “Community Property” and “Death to All but Metal“, as well as “1987” and “Ain’t Dead Yet” from their latest album, On the Prowl.

Throughout the night, the band’s signature humor and playful banter with the crowd had everyone laughing and singing along. The audience was also treated to some impressive guitar solos from Satchel, and a drum solo from Stix Zadinia that had everyone on their feet.

Steel Panther’s performance at the Palladium was truly a night to remember. Their unique blend of hard rock and humor had the crowd thoroughly entertained, and the opening acts Crobot and Tragedy set the perfect tone for the evening. The energy and enthusiasm from the fans were obvious, making it clear that Steel Panther has a dedicated following who will continue to rock out with them for years to come.

If you’re a fan of rock music, Steel Panther is a must-see live act. Get ready to experience a night of high-energy, fun, and unforgettable music that will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to catch Steel Panther live in concert!

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