Stone Bullet at the RISE ABOVE Fest 2012

Meadowbrook Pavilion, Gilford, NH
September 3, 2012
Review by Bridgette
Photos by Micah Gummel.
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Stone Bullet
Stone Bullet was the only regional band to make the cut, of multiple contest winners, and score a placement in the line-up with the headliners of the 2012 Rise Above Fest. Their bio states influences of Guns N’ Roses, early Aerosmith, and a raw blend of powerful driving rhythms. From Vermont, they opened the show, to join Supermachine, Otherwise, Black Stone Cherry, Puddle of Mudd, Buck Cherry and Seether. This exciting night of hard rock music bands and fans, came together to support the NAMI effort of suicide prevention in New Hampshire and across the country.
Meet Stone Bullet:
David Wayne: Guitar/Lead Vocals
T.J. Powers: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Seth Roya: Drums
Nick Marineau: Bass
Stone Bullet came out with lean, mean screaming guitar solos, and low running bass lines, humming some Black Sabbath worthy rhythms. Rockin out in threesomes, as the unstoppable drummer, Seth Roya, held the thunder cage, every time David Wayne yelled, “TJ!” we learned quickly that there would be a massive guitar solo from guitarist T.J. Powers. They introduced a new song, “Get So High,” which pulled the crowd in, as the mosh pit was slowly filling up. Holding his bass up high, Nick Marineau rammed out with clear phrasing, a Van Halen sounding rock tune, and the jams kept coming.
“We’ll rock this son of a b* to the grave!”screamed front man, David Wayne, as he lead a song with a countdown, that fans could quickly follow. “This is the best Monday I’ve had in a long time!” Wayne, thanked the producers, bands and the fans at the event.
I caught seven songs played in this set. My favorite? “Your Problem Has Nothing To Do With ME!” It was a rant of rocker freedom, to take a stand for your dignity. The band wrapped up their performance by saying, “This was a great f* time, playing for our heroes!” They cranked  songs that had the classic rock sounds and running riffs of a TNT explosion, which could have been powered by AC/DC. The final vocal notes of David Wayne were held so long, that it went into an opening chord of the second part of the song. Every band member was smiling, just thrilled to be on the stage for this event. The good thrashing had only just begun!

Stone Bullet at the RISE ABOVE Fest, 2012

Stone Bullet Set List:
I wrote to Stone Bullet for their set list. Here is what they said, “We tried out a lot of new stuff in our set, but as far as songs from our album go,  we did “Angelina,” “Talk A Good Game,” and “Your Problems.” The album is on iTunes and Spotify if (fans) want to stream some tracks.”